Friday, October 30, 2009

Simulation Series - Life as a Wave Function

Life is a wave function.

The present moment is like a point on the wave. We do not experience the point because the state change happens faster than we are able to perceive it, so events seem to flow.

Without memory of the past as a series of set events and without an imagination of possible future events, it would always be a perpetual 'Now' and we would have no awareness that it could be any other way than how it is.

We would be in a state of perfect beingness. The Consciousness establishes the parameters for Past, Present, Future - Memory, Perception and Imagination.

It is an Illusion that the Past cannot be any other way than how we remember it; just as it is an Illusion that a Future exists.

There are only Now states which have been experienced and those which have not been experienced. The Past in this way is a Block Perception.

We are prevented from seeing the wave function due to our concentration on the point / static / particle part of the wave.

In order to experience the wave, our Perception changes it into a series of points. Perception acts as an information retrieval system.

We remember the past so that we do not choose the same moment again and again and again. The goal in perception is to move along the wave.

Our Perception is locked to the present moment as the point's position changes. We cannot experience the wave through perception alone; our Imagination gives us a taste of the wave.

We know it is there, we just can't touch it. We must relinquish our one point focus if we are to experience the continuity of the wave. We do this from the Fifth Dimension of Clairvoyance.

And in fact, our understanding of the wave function is limited by our experience of it through the only tool we have as physical entities - our perception. The wave function transcends experience and defies description.

Even the attempt at an explanation leaves out something and we can only reach an approximation of the actuality such that we can only know one thing: Whatever we say about it isn't it.

We must give up our hold on it through perception and be the wave with no concern about the past and no regard about the future, suspending time in exchange for awareness.

In this state of beingness there is no interpretation, no assignment of good or evil and no thought of free will. We become witnesses to the unfolding of the Consciousness from the perspective of Awareness.


Perception displaces the Awareness of Being!


Detach from the present moment of Perception and flow with the wave of Beingness. This unlocks the Fifth Dimension. This is the Aqdab Gate, the Portal to the Awareness claimed by the Mystics and the Clairvoyants.

In this state of being, psychic activity is simply another form of perception made available to the Consciousness.

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