Thursday, November 5, 2009

The modabid Sessions - Pt 1

I am the modabid.

So what does that mean?

What does it mean to be a modabid?

The modabid is the single point of Reality in a world of Illusion.

I can say, "I am the modabid."

When I am writing this book.

You can say, "I am the modabid."

When you are reading this passage.

We are all the modabid at one time or other;

as both an affirmation, and as a confirmation of Truth.

Where does it Begin?

It begins with the Chaos of Nothingness.

ut we can have no comprehension of what that means because there is no logic or information
within the Chaos of Nothingness for the Mind to grasp and hold onto.

So we say it begins with Awareness.

Awareness is Beingness. It is the First Thought, "I Am."


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