Friday, November 13, 2009

The modabid Sessions - Pt 3

Involution -


At the lowest point of Existence, or at the Creation-Level, there is an interaction of Mind with Matter.

The Intention of Mind is to inhabit Matter.

The Purpose is to explore the Material Realm.

The Result is Life.

An association of Mind to Matter creates the Etheric.

The Etheric is an envelope which contains Life; it is the "glue" between Mind and Matter.

An Envelope is a certain set of conditions that, when associated with Substance, make certain phenomenon possible that otherwise would not take place.

Spirit is such an envelope; it happens when Mind forms an Intention to inhabit Non-Matter.

The influence of Spirit can be seen as heat and light within the Observable Universe.

influence is emitted as energy.


Spiritual-Beings happen when Mind forms an Intention to inhabit Non-Matter.

Spirit is the result, it is not the purpose. The Purpose is to explore Non-Matter.

Life-Beings happen when Mind forms an Intention to inhabit Matter.

Life is the result, it is not the purpose. The Purpose is to explore Matter.


Q: Is there a dissolution of the Soul?

A: On this matter of a Soul.

Spirit is not Life and Life is not Spirit.

The notion of a Soul is best stated as being the experiences and the memories the Mind takes with it from Life.

A living body is composed of many Minds working in harmony.

When Death occurs, the many Minds dissolve their group associations and continue onward toward their own Becoming.

Each retains a part of the experience that was life.

Survival of the Personality is an Holistic projection that can be reproduced by associating the particular memory of each concerned Mind with the same memory of Self.

The re-created Self will remember only the Life-Time it occupied and will not remember any Time Backwards or Forwards of that Time.

It will not perceive or recognize any object, concept, or living thing that did not [appear] within its Life-Time.

The re-created Self is not a Spirit Form, it is the Memory from a composite moment of Mind's association with Matter.


Q: Are there Angels and such?

A: There are Beings of Spirit just as there are Beings of Life.

All things contain Spirit, but not all things contain Life.

The influence of Spirit can best be stated as: "I Am Also That."


There is an interval of Time necessary for change to happen within the Physical Realm, a number of steps or 'Sequences of Change' that must be gone through.

Spirit can be experienced in the form of physical energy - heat and light - as any material change in state approaches near instantaneous.

The larger the Sequence of Change in relation to the brevity of Time, the more Spirit appears as an influence.

The Influence of Spirit can be destructive to Matter, and so may cause a disassociation of Mind to Matter, Insanity, or Physical Death.


Uv-taars -

God as a Spiritual Being cannot have direct contact with a living thing because it results in the disassociation of Mind to Matter. Therefore, Material Existence is provided association with Divine Spirit through Intermediary Souls.

The Mind of an
Intermediary Soul is set equally between the Spirit and the Etheric, with one face to God and one face to Matter. Contact from God is made through Intermediary Souls who hold the Intention to do God's will.

Intermediary Souls have no free will in choosing what they do or say, however they are able to think any thought and to hold any opinion they wish.

When an
Intermediary Soul is used to transport Intention from one Dimension to another it is called a 'Divine Manifestation'.

Intention is that which a Mind decides to do itself or to have done by another.


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