Friday, November 13, 2009

The modabid Sessions - Pt 4

We say God loves us as a comfort - the thought of such a powerful being is threatening to our peace of mind."

"What right-thinking Soul would leave the glory of Heaven
for such a place as this?"

[For the purposes of discussion, we will assume that souls exist.]


Where do souls come from?

Do they originate in a higher realm or come from a lower one, passing through the earth on their way to heaven?


On Souls -
General consensus suggests that souls come from God.

On God -
"There is a self-sustaining and consistent force that rules the universe. That appears obvious. But exactly what it is, this force - that is a mystery we have yet to unravel."

The Big Question -
If souls have their origins in a higher realm, what are they doing here?

The Possible Answer -
There is a certain fascination of spirit associated with the material realm.


"In order to experience one reality, it is necessary to ignore or to forget another, or to at least to ignore or to forget certain aspects of reality which define the other's existence."


The Discussion -

Q: The Necessity of Ignorance stated above creates a problem - If a soul forgets where it comes from, how does it get back?

A: Forgetting has been described by various religions as a turning away from God or as a kind of original sin that pushes a soul out of heaven.

This action of forgetting is not always viewed as a negative. Certain beliefs see it as an accepted requirement for experience to occur on the material realm.

Perception of the physical blocks out or ignores certain aspects of reality in favor of others. Human understanding of the observable universe is based on experienced gained through perception. This form of knowledge works well in securing a physical survival, but it is not sufficient to return a soul to its heavenly existence. A different kind of knowledge is needed for that.


Q: But if the soul has forgotten the reality of heaven in order to experience the material realm, where does a lost soul gain the knowledge needed to return it to its place of origin?

A: To resolve the problem of forgetfulness God regularly sends a manifested soul as an expression of the divine will. This manifested soul has no free will of its own. Although outwardly human in other respects, it expresses God's will. The manifested soul has a foot in both worlds - the material and the spiritual - and thus retains knowledge of its source.

The recurring mission is to transfer this knowledge to those lost souls desirous of a homeward returning.

The intermediary soul serves variously as a gate, an angel, an avatar, and a modabid. The assigned task determines the form an
intermediary soul takes in fulfilling God's intention.

Gates hold open God's portal and point the way to God's Essence. Angels deliver messages. Avatars provide instructive education to key individuals who then educate others. Modabids seek out misinterpreted knowledge
and make the appropriate corrections as needed.

This latter brings up a common misconception regarding the teachings of Islam. The Holy Quran is a recorded conversation between God and the angel Gabriel. The messenger is the angel, not Mohamed, who is later made recipient of the conversation's content. The recurrent 'we' of the Quran is actually God and the angels in discourse.

Mohamed decided God was talking personally
to him and set in motion the first Islam which is to be replaced by the greater Islam as foretold in the Quran.

Islam is not a religion.

Islam is intended as a way of attaining reconciliation and peace with God. It is a philosophy. The Muslim religion is a result of the lesser Islam. It is the first practiced form of Islam. The results and nature of the greater Islam are still to come, " be revealed in a time and place of God's own choosing."


Q: So what is the remembering that an Intermediary Soul delivers?

A: The message of angels varies according to time and need, as does the education provided by avatars. The modabid's task is to transmit knowledge regarding the state of reality which transcends the material realm yet provides a foundation for its existence.


False Divine Intermediaries -

Many will claim possession of God's will as a way of elevating their status and acquiring worldly gain. Others put their trust completely in these persons and blindly follow these pretenders because they know of nothing else to do.


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