Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Three Dimensions of Time

I did a post a while back in another blog regarding the three types of mind. The subject matter concerned the three dimensions of Time commonly known to us as Past, Present and Future. The point was that we can 'travel' to these other dimensions of Time by changing the way we think about the associated reality and in this way gather valuable information. But the information is valid only within its context and must be understood from the perspective of its dimension.

The Past is accessed through Memory. The Future becomes available through Imagination. The Present is sensed through Perception. This means you are perfectly capable of recalling the Future just as well as you can remember the Past. It is simply that the Future is as yet unformed.

In the same manner that we can travel through the dimensions of Time, we can also travel through dimensions of other existences. We simply change the way in which we think about Existence.

We currently have a vocabulary for the three Time dimensions - Past, Present, Future - we have yet to create a universal language for other-dimensional interactions.


The Past and Memory -

Here's an esoteric way to think about Memory:

The Akashic Record continually updates any and all imprints into the medium. Every change no matter how small is read into the Akashic Record as if it were a static occurrence in time and space. This gives the appearance that physical reality is a solid unchanging and linear progression, and further, that once something has occurred in the fabric of time and space, it remains forever unchanged.


The Future and the Imagination -

Every moment of every day in linear time, minds are creating new possible and probable time lines in the infinity of time-space. In any given moment, you have an infinite number of possible paths to choose from in order to manifest your next moment. Hence every thought, however imperceptible, changes the nature of the time-space continuum.


The Present and Perception -

The only reality is the 'Now' moment. Stretching to either side, however, is the illusion of Past and Future. This overlap of Memory, Perception and Imagination creates the illusory suggestion that a Present exists.


The Observer Position -

'Now' is not really a time at all, it is a perspective from the observer position. Wherever the observer is, is 'Now'.


The 'Now' Moment -

I only know of two ways to demonstrate the reality of other dimensions. Both involve the 1/5th of a second it takes for the brain to process sensory information. I call this 'A View from the Fifth Dimension' due to my interpretation of its being an instance of the Fifth Dimension seeping into the Fourth Dimension through the 'Now' moment; which is actuality no Time at all but an observer perspective.

If 'Now' could be given a Time frame, it would be 1/5th of a second. I believe it is in this 1/5th of a second that the opportunity for manifestation presents itself. If indeed it takes us that long to process raw Existence into something we can understand through sensory perception.

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