Monday, April 19, 2010


With 2012 coming, I want to go on record...

Arrival -

I have this dream in which there are two moons in the eastern sky. The sun is low in the west, the real moon is about 30 to 40 degrees above the horizon. At the east-northeast position at about the same degree above the horizon is a second moon. Both moons are 3/4 moons and look like reflections of each other.

I keep staring at the sky as it gets darker and soon thereafter the space-people arrive as points of light resembling stars. (I call them the space-people) There are two groups of these lights that appear like constellations directly overhead. At first they move in group formations then they separate and move independently. One group is towards the red end of the spectrum and comes out of the west. The other group is towards the blue end of the spectrum and comes out of the east.

Cruising -

If they see us as they are passing overhead, they pick us up. (although I have never seen this done myself, it is understood in that dream sort of way) If they do not see you, they leave you alone. So stay away from open doors or windows or get under something if they pass overhead. They tend to fly low, very low.

Bombing Runs -

I have also seen the space-people do a coordinated bombing run in which they line up and traverse from the west dropping explosive devices every several hundred yards. Sometimes these bombs do not explode but simply sit in the destroyed remains of the house it fell upon. These bombs are huge elongated capsules - maybe 30 feet in length. It does not seem they are targeting humans with these bombs.

I haven't had this dream for a while.


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