Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Problem with Precognition

When the conscious mind fragments due to over or under stimulation - when the system overloads due to an extreme excess or an extreme lack of sensation, there is a separation of the self-identification into Creator of experience and Observer of experience.

The Observer creates an experience of intimate association with a sensed yet mysterious "presence".

The conscious mind as Observer is able to experience the sub-conscious mind as the creator of another kind of experience and names it 'God' or 'Spirit' or 'Divine Other'.

For as long as the separation persists the conscious mind plays the role of 'Seeker' seeking after an explanation for the sensed presence. When there is reintegration of the separate selves, the seeking ceases and the experience becomes a vague memory.

The conscious mind views the sub-conscious counterpart as quite separate and valid, real to the point that overt communication flourishes.

The sub-conscious mind becomes the Higher Self and who is to say that it is not truly God or at least God's divine portal?

Freed of the concerns that preoccupy the conscious mind, the sub-conscious can discern 'truth'.

The trouble with lucid dreaming is that the conscious mind will try to interpret what it is being shown instead of just observing.

On Seeing the Future -

Precognition is the universal mind taking a snapshot of the present moment and making a running a best guess scenario (some might say prediction) of what is least likely (i)not(i) to happen.

Precognition drops the insignificant.

Node Points -

Node Points are instances of Fate. The future can be seen if there is a node point in place. A person with a lot of direct Fate operating in their lifetime will be able to have these points observed by a sensitive of sufficient ability. Someone without a lot of direct Fate operating along their life line will not be able to have their Future seen because Destiny - personal choice, free will - is at work and therefore the Future is more of a variable than an immutable fact.

The path between node points is a person's Destiny. It is open to variance. This is where free will comes into play.

The events supporting the node points are inevitable and free will is limited in the expression and occurrence of those events. They must happen. Events between node points that have nothing o do with the occurrence of these fated events are free to be altered by choice. What you have for breakfast will not matter unless it supports or interferes with a node point. Then your choice will be predetermined by Fate and is unchangeable.

Peripheral Involvement -

Node Points drive life forward and connect certain people together. Node Points and these connections form a web or a fabric to life's expression. Node Points can be seen by anyone with sufficient ability whether or not the node point has anything to do with them directly or personally. Because of this, node points can be avoided. But only by those who are not directly affected by them, whose node points they are not!

The Titanic Example -

Some people can change their destiny by avoiding a fated event. They see something that does not directly involve them. That is why certain people are able to see the future, and alter their plans to avoid it. They can exercise their free will to not include the particular node point in their life line.

If, however, the node point is part their Fate, even actions taken to avoid its occurrence only moves them towards it.

It becomes necessary to observe the perspective by which the future event is observed. Does the node point present itself in the first person or from a third person point of view? Are you participant or observer?

Attempts at Warning -

In either case, you will not receive enough information to prevent the incident from taking place. Your involvement might actually bring the event closer. Your attempts at warning would then be Fated.


There are two kinds of Future, the Foreseeable Future and the Unforeseeable Future. The Foreseeable Future is Fate. Anyone with sufficient ability can see it.

The Unforeseeable Future is Destiny. It is in constant flux and is unpredictable due to free will of the participants.

Some people only have two points of Fate. They are born and they die. Everything in between is free will. The less one's actions and choices influence or have an affect on others, the more free will they have in their decisions. The more one's actions and choices influence or have an affect on others, the less free will they have in their choices. The situation can reach a point with a person whose life is extremely fated, that they have no choice - no free will at all - in their actions. They then become observers and fulfill their roles as such.

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