Friday, May 21, 2010

Lucid Dreams and Other Lessons Learned

The Divinity beyond-being is absolute and absolutely annihilating. It is the source from which everything emanates, the power that brings all things into being. Come too close and the human subject disappears; if it is not contemplated, it attacks, invades, annihilates, then annihilates annihilation. It shatters the apparatus of the human organism.

The creator cannot enter into the creation without destroying that which is created.

Death comes when the mind is no longer able to maintain an association to matter - the physical body.


The Mind desires experience. Awareness makes it possible, the Consciousness makes it fact. No Intention to affect others in an abnormal fashion or something not in the normal course of events can be generated. That should satisfy the requirements.

The Subconscious Mind thinks about the request and considers the parameters. If there are no violations, the Consciousness brings it into existence. This requires an understanding of Spiritual laws - Dharma. You can't violate anyone's right to free will.

Glitches do not appear because the Perception parses and makes perceived reality consistent with what has come before. Take baby steps!

Any alteration of consciousness will first be viewed as insanity.


"Don't take away my insanity - it's the only thing I can be certain of."


I was happy because I thought the felicitous situation would continue. I was sad because I thought the same of less fortunate events - that it would continue and I would be lost. On both occasions, I was wrong.


"You never do discover the Truth. It just ceases to be an issue."


The area in between the node points is undefined. This is where Destiny happens.


On Lucid Dreaming -

In Lucid Dreams, the Conscious Mind receives information not normally available to it.


The Subconscious Mind creates in the dream realm but it is subservient to the Conscious Mind which rules waking reality and carries waking reality with itself into the dream realm. The Conscious Mind can override the Subconscious Mind if the Conscious Mind is placed in a situation where it can observe the Future. There is a tendency for the Conscious Mind to interpret the Future based on known events. The Future, however, may include or be brought about by unknown (to the Conscious Mind) Future events and corresponding node points.


The Subconscious Mind needs to be activated as the Higher Self - recognized by the Conscious Mind as such. It then needs to be left alone to perform its function as the Creator of Waking reality. This means not allowing the Conscious Mind to interfere through criticism or micro-managing. No second guessing!

A positive optimistic attitude works best.

The switch must be made in placing the subconscious Higher Self in charge of waking reality rather than the Conscious Mind. You have to give the subconscious Higher Self permission to do what it needs to do, and then stay out of its way.

The Conscious Mind handles short term solutions that deal with the immediate present. The Higher Self Subconscious Mind handles long term solutions that deal with the Future. You have to stay focused! The Here and Now is the Safe Zone.

Those with Fate prevalent in their lives have more of a Path to follow than those born with a vast amount of free will or Destiny.

When you subject the psyche to a lot of stress, something happens. It is not magic, it is the body defending itself through an act of withdrawal. This offers the Mind an opportunity to have an encounter with itself.


You can't get stuck in the wonderment of Psychic Ability or be impressed with the Clairvoyant tricks you can do. You must relinquish that realm to the awakened Higher Self and return the Conscious Mind to waking reality.


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