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Facebook Post Simulated Reality Group - 10-21-2010

For a person to say that this world might be a simulation, and to feel it strongly, is for that person to be in a state of de-realization.

What is de-realization?

De-realization is a psychological state in which reality appears to not be reality. There is a sensed separation between the self and reality which surrounds it. Many psychological states have this as a symptom - schizophrenia, depression, Enlightenment, religious euphoria, alienation - just to name a few.

The latter is what interests me at the moment. De-realization and the idea of a simulated
Earth have in common the thought that the reality currently experienced is not the ultimate reality which can be attained or regained. Those of us who sense a false reality may be visitors from a different reality which we use as the source reference, unlike those others who do not sense a false quality to the current reality and believe it to be true and valid.

Derealization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Derealization (DR) is an alteration in the perception or experience of the external world so that it seems strange or unreal.

The entry makes no mention of the condition in which the perception or the experience is not altered, no mention of the person who has never felt quite comfortable or at ease with the external environment and how their alteration in perception or experience would be to experience or to perceive the external world as being normal and not strange or false at all. That's how the internal reality of a simulation would appear to those persons belonging to and having their source from within the simulation. Only those persons or viewpoints, perspectives if you will, only those entities whose source lies external to the simulation (or alien world) would notice something awry or missing as they observed the internal environment of their surroundings.

Simulation, alien environment or psychological misstep, whichever it is one thing stands out: The deep-seated feeling that this is not home.


At minimum there are two groups: The Simulated and the Non-Simulated.

The awareness of the Simulated is a product of the Simulation, they can know nothing else. The awareness of the Non-Simulated is a by-produced of something which lies beyond the Simulation. The Non-Simulated are able to sense the false quality of the current reality because their awareness is based in an external source - if nothing else, a higher simulation! Their consciousness, for whatever reason, has been interjected into a simulated environment, this one. The current reality set may be a classroom, a prison, a trap - or all three at once - it is impossible to tell.

However, there is a problem: Repeated interjections into the simulation may well confuse the mind for a time; but too many interjections (reincarnations) and the mind begins to collect itself, it begins to remember.

Those of us who sense the Simulation have begun to remember.

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