Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Telekinesis - Levitation and the Mind Body Problem

I cannot say for certain, but I think I levitated myself. I have dreams about me levitating quite often and that is not what I mean. It was a rainy work day and I was walking to the bus stop. I slipped on a muddy spot and fell. I managed to brace myself with my palms that sent a shock through to my collar bone (it hurt a bit and was sore for a few days after). I had thought my clothes were dirty or wet from the contact with the ground, but there was no mud or water on them - not even on my hands. I was hoping I could use it as an excuse for going back home - no such luck.

I have given a lot of thought to that incident and can only come to the conclusion that my body did not make contact with the ground but rather with something solid above the ground. My mind re-identified the ground's location to my body and my body reacted as though it were fact. This brings up the mind/body problem. Let's suppose that PSI is not a physical phenomenon but simply the non-physical transmission and reception of information. Let's further suppose that this transferal and reception of information happens through a process of mind but is not originated in mind (the information does not originate from within the mind nor from the physical environment, but affects the physical body associated with the mind in question - that is another discussion; See 'Involution').

If mind, or consciousness - the ability to gather and process information - is a crucial factor, then living things could be levitated while non-living things (objects) could not be levitated (affected by thought). A mind or a consciousness is essential on both ends - reception and transmission. A thought reassigning the location of a surface should be able to affect living entities but not objects attached to living entities. A person should be able to re-identify the physical location of an underlying surface to a plant (or to their own bodies for that matter) causing the plant (or their own body) to reposition itself the indicated distance above the actual underlying surface. This should be done, however, in the absence of a pot or other such container that would constrain the movements of the plant's roots.

That means you can leave your clothes on and they will be levitated with the body whereas a five-hundred pound weight would not.

Why a plant rather than an earthworm? Because plants are passive and receptive.

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  1. Interesting. Sorry you hurt yourself but neat that you may have levitated:)