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EDB - The Extra-Dimensional Being as Guide

Are extra-dimensional spirit guides sending us messages that we can’t ignore? During lucid dreaming, for instance, the images spirit guides project in the mind are so real they appear true. Objects have weight, people have substance, flowers have scent, and food has flavor.

1. A recipient is someone who is in contact with an extra-dimensional being - EDB.

2. The communication is flowing as strongly as it can.

3. The partial manifestations are due to the weakness of the signal coming through, not to a misunderstanding of technique or reality.

4. Attempts and instructions continue to be initiated from the side of the EDB. To begin any journey, whether it is physical, psychological or spiritual, we all need the proper motivation or “calling”. In other words, the recipient has to be invited. The spirit more often than not doesn't want an undisciplined human mind contaminating its world. The spiritual path is a way designed to clear up the mind for inter-dimensional contact.

Earnestness. The recipient places him or herself in a point of receptivity and waits. (Your will, not mine.) It means the recipient has to find a quiet place, give up striving and wait. The EDB will tell the recipient what to do, who to see, what to say. These are the justifications behind this idea of inter-dimensional communication being obtained through "inaction" or "effortless doing".

Inaction -
There is no hard and fast rule for this, no set procedure. For instance, there is nothing wrong with imagining the acquisition or possession of some object or experience. This is, in fact healthy. Setbacks only arise when the imagined goal is pursued in defiance of the inner guide.

Regarding Reality Manipulations -
The current state of the environment does not allow self-directed manifestation.

In order to work a manifestation, or to do anything other than gather information, the mind must go into a higher dimension. The immature mind is generally blocked from entering dimensions higher than the fifth in order to eliminate the risk of lower mind contamination. Unless accompanied by a guide, the recipient is not allowed access to the higher dimensional environment where reality manipulation actually takes place.

Tests and Lessons / Real or Simulated?
Don't take it personally.

The interaction of reality is always between you and your guide. There is no guarantee that the environment and the people you encounter are not simulations. It is often better to treat everything as though it were real and mattered.

Submission, or Free will?
Free will carries an inherent chance of failure. With free will comes the risk of not succeeding. This is unavoidable. The guide has a path laid out for you, but at any moment you can elect to step off the path. This is free will.

Fate & Free will -
Destiny is connected to free will, but is better considered in relation to fate.

Guides & Inner Guidance -
The guide appears at birth in the mind of the infant and begins teaching immediately.

Q: How does the guide choose?
A: That information is unavailable and therefore unimportant. If it becomes important, the guide will inform the recipient.

Q: How will I know what to do if I submit my free will?
A: The guide directs the recipient.

Q: How will I know it is my guide and not my ego directing me?
A: The guide will know and it will respond accordingly. Set your intention and rely on the guide.

Trust your guide. Your guide knows what is best for you. If you are indeed supposed to be doing something, your guide will provide the appropriate opportunities.

Q: What is the guide's purpose with me? Why do I need one?
A: The guide wants to help you train the immature mind so that it can enter the higher dimensions.

An immature mind [4D] disappears upon death of the physical body. The mature mind [multiD] is able to cross over and navigate the higher dimensions and continue gathering experience. [4D - four dimensional time-space / height, width, depth, time] [multiD - non-physical dimensions, generally higher than the fifth]

Journeys -
Navigating the paranormal is a tricky endeavor. Most people cannot experience the paranormal or the supernatural dimensions without becoming delusional, schizotypal or mentally deranged in some fashion.

Successful navigation through the spirit realm means guarding against the possibility of losing oneself to delusion and fantasy.

Enlightenment -
Signs of Ego - a heightened sense of self-importance, power or control - The recipient thinks he or she is initiating the contact or controlling the timing and/or the circumstances of the contact.

Behavior detrimental to the well-being of others. An immature mind has survival issues and will work these out through behavior which endangers the well-being of other minds.

Desire - wanting something other than what the EDB wants. This mental effort clogs dimensional channels and hinders communication.

Religion -
Morality - ideas of good or evil - get mistakenly introduced here, with the reward or punishment revolving around inter-dimensional communication (prayers answered or not answered by God).

Survival of the 4D human personality after death is wishful thinking. The subjective personality of an immature mind is designed for navigation through a perception based 4-dimensional landscape. The 4D mind of perception must undergo transformation into a multi-dimensional mind of non-physical experiences. The immature mind disappears upon death of the physical body if this transformation is not successfully completed.

5. Success is beneficial to the EDB, but not necessarily to the 4D human mind. Manipulation of reality may be a side benefit or simply an effect. Insanity may be the same, with communication still occurring as before.

6. The environment needs to be adjusted if stronger communication is to occur. This can happen through synchronous events (manifestations, direct manipulation of the physical environment, miracles, precognition).

7. Inter-dimensional travel is initiated through a guide who is responsible for the recipient while he or she is there. Lucid dreams, OOBE, spontaneous trance states, etc. The guide will prepare the recipient and judge when he or she is ready for inter-dimensional visitation.

Religious Confusions -
Angels, demons and God perhaps represent communication with EDBs who are confused as being deities or identified as such due to the prevailing social interpretation. Heaven, Paradise, release from Lila are perhaps veiled invitations pointing to an 'eternal' life or continued existence in a higher [non-physical] dimension.

Judgment Day Scenario - Who gets an Afterlife?
Afterlife is not life at all but a trans-dimensional state of continued existence. Recipients who have been previously contacted by guides are 'judged' or deemed ready to pass or not to pass over into a permanent trans-dimensional state.

The problem is that the mind will have to interact with other minds. If the mind is immature, it will cause difficulties. That is why an immature mind cannot cross over into other dimensions without a guide being present.

Consciousness and mind are two separate considerations.

Consciousness experiences multiple lifetimes whereas the mind does not. [spirit is not life] The mind records experience. The memory produced is called a soul.

There is no individual reincarnation, each mind is unique. It is the Consciousness which repeatedly manifests through an experience of multiple lifetimes, not the mind [personality]. When the mind ends, a unique memory of its experience is produced - a soul.

Life versus Spirit - The Price of Exploring Matter

Life is the result of the Consciousness forming an association to Matter. The purpose is exploration of Matter.

Spirit is the result of the Consciousness forming an association to Non-Matter. The purpose is exploration of Non-Matter.

Ascension -
The Consciousness in an association to Matter results in Life. Incorporation into Matter produces an identity of self that is based upon a sense of separation - the ego. This sense of a separate self is heightened in the human mind. The association to Matter by the Consciousness is not a permanent bond. The mind produced from such an association is unaccustomed to spirit [which is simultaneous and non-physical] and is thus 'immature'. Spirit Guides (EDBs) provide a way for the perception based immature mind to transcend its involvement with Matter and ascend to higher dimensions.

Hierarchies -
Dimensions and realms have a hierarchy that moves downward toward the denser physical realm. The 4-dimensional mind has a hierarchy that moves upward from the denser physical realm to the more subtle non-physical realms. Consciousness flows evenly throughout all the dimensions and realms.

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