Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to Catch a Pari...

How to Catch a Pari?

Forget about it. In comparison to a pari, you're too slow to ever catch one.


Subtle Matter as a Dimension and its Speed of Motion Relative to the Denser Physical Dimension...

Vibrational Frequency & Time -
The higher vibration of a dimension, (the faster the stationary motion of its individual parts) the slower the pace of physical time. The highest dimensions slow time to a stop, so no time at all passes as the consciousness explores them. Certain states of meditation seek to accomplish this. In dreams of other dimensions, physical time slows down relative to dream time.

Sound -
The distance between the peaks and troughs of a sound wave lengthen until ambient sound loses differentiation and becomes a drawn out and constant hum (or rush of air!)

Atomic Level -
Physical matter is dense. The speed of the movement at the atomic level is slower than that of subtle matter which is transparent and ethereal. The effect as a result is one of perception - not of substance.

Higher Dimension -
No Time
No Changes

Physical Dimension -
Time slows and finally stops its forward progression.
Separation remains in effect.
Change ceases but is not precluded; the physical environment 'freezes' to a halt.
Sequence, usually flowing along Temporal lines, ceases but is not precluded.

In order to experience change, higher dimensional beings must travel to the lower dimensions.

In order to experience a temporal state, higher dimensional beings must travel to the lower dimensions.

illustration 'Stealing Fire' by modabid al-Adel Hassan 2011

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