Friday, September 9, 2011

Contemplating Mayan History


The Creature Mind parses information into three motive categories:
Status / Sex / Survival (survival can be thought of as a continuance of the physical body or as a memory of the person that persists after the person's death).

The more fear there is, the more it's about Survival.

One reason for maintaining a silence when asked about these things, is that the Creature Mind will try to fit the information into the three categories. Love, however, is not a motivational category. Any communication regarding love will distort upon entering the creature's mind and will not be understood for what it is.
(See 'Love: An Attempt at Definition')

Religion can offer Status and Survival, but Sex remains the property of the creature female; (, so that) women (and homosexual men) become the natural enemy of the Church (male dominant organized religion).

Meditation - information is gained through study and teachings, then is deeply thought about. Requires Logic. Deductive Reasoning. External.

Contemplation - information is placed directly into the mind. Requires Receptivity. A quiet mind. Internal.

Desire / lower self / Creature Think / absorbing: "What can you (it) do for me?"

Love / Higher Self / Group Mind Entanglement / emitting: "What can I do for you?"


2012 and Mayan History...

The long count calendar is a recording of history, the current age of man. The calendar can record this as the future because it is an account of the entire era. Man has technological intelligence during this era. Previous humanoid species which lacked technological intelligence were eliminated and those who had it were left to further evolve.

Now a decision point is arriving to weed out those humans who do not possess spiritual intelligence. The Mayan calendar ends because the next age of human development concerns the future, and not the past or the present. The Mayan story-tellers are waiting to see what needs to be said, what needs to be taught or what still needs to be learned. Right now, the next age of man remains a mystery. Will there be enough humans left who possess spiritual intelligence, or will the species flounder due to a lack of numbers?

No one knows.

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