Thursday, March 8, 2012

Corporate Identity...This Week: God

(or gods since the idea of only a single god came later).

1 generally unavailable; rarely interacts directly with the humans
2 knows more than I do
3 is secretive about the agenda
4 accepts requests if properly formatted
5 provides and protects
6 punishes transgressions - mine and those who transgress against me
7 there is some confusion over creation, which god is said to have done, but god only worked with the available material and fashioned it into something habitable.
8 establishes law and sets moral values
9 is not limited by divine law, but is held to it
10 has mysterious powers
11 employs humans
12 has favorites
13 has divine assistants who are even more unavailable than god
14 has a program of promotion; it is possible for humans to move up in the hierarchy
15 has a home office
16 offers a retirement package
17 accepts resignations while leaving open the possibility of reinstatement
18 has a weird understanding of physical laws which at times seems miraculous
19 is harsh but fair
20 keeps records
21 occasionally updates policy
22 takes corrective measures
23 cleans house
24 hands out assignments
25 sometimes engages in sexual activity with the help
26 specializes, in the case of multiple gods, with a central overseer who does not possess the same skill set.
27 encourages regular team meetings
28 has a handbook available for any who care to read it (which few do)

Sounds a lot like a large corporation, doesn't it.

I just realized something. God may be the First Cause of the universe, but not necessarily of anything else. If we step outside the universe, we may see that God is just a clerk sitting at a desk somewhere peeling the foil off gum wrappers.

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