Friday, August 27, 2010

Donnie Darko and Tangent Universes

I watched Donnie Darko for the first time today.

The movie is confusing and many people focus on time travel as an explanation why Donnie sees Frank. But this creates a logic loop. If there is no appearance of Frank, there is no future version of Donnie to kill Frank thus producing a Frank ghost to haunt Donnie.

Consider this: Two universes, one the primary and one the tangent or touching universe. They somehow come into contact, touching at different points in the same time-line. The primary universe, however, is at a point twenty-eight days earlier than the tangent universe, considering their mutual point of contact. This contact of primary and tangent creates a portal which primary Donnie uses to cross over into tangent Frank's universe, except that he crosses over from a point in the primary universe that is twenty-eight days earlier than the tangent universe. He then raises havoc in the tangent or touching universe causing events which normally would have never occurred. Primary Donnie Darko with a knowledge of the tangent future takes over tangent Donnie Darko and tries to disallow his future death in the twenty-eight day window.

Meanwhile, tangent Frank, now a ghost, tries to ensure that primary Donnie Darko goes back through the portal, warning him that if he doesn't return to his primary universe, the world will end - meaning that he, tangent Frank, will die an untimely death. It is not really stated but both universes will also be destroyed due to the presence of primary Donnie Darko in the tangent universe. I am guessing that the portal stays open and the universes cannot disconnect if primary Donnie Darko is not in his source universe.

It's not that primary Donnie closes the portal, he simply chooses not to use it a third time as an alternative to being killed by the falling jet engine. In other words, he uses the portal the first time to avoid the falling jet engine; he uses it a second time to return from the tangent universe back to the primary universe. Unfortunately, the portal is formed and is only open to a point in time just before the jet engine kills him.

Donnie Darko returns to his source universe to save his tangent girlfriend (the one he never met in the primary universe) so that she does not have to die in the tangent universe. It is interesting that he does it for the girl, not for the universe. He is unaware that his mother and his sister are on the jet.

When two universes touch, a portal appears, a kind of worm hole. If for some reason the two universes do not separate but continually remain in contact, they are both destroyed. In the movie the portal had its access points linked to the moment of the jet engine transfer. If primary Donnie does not use the portal to return to his primary universe, both universes will cease to exist. The dilemma is that the portal opens at two disastrous event points - a jet engine falling from the sky in the tangent universe, and a jet engine falling from the sky and killing primary Donnie in the primary universe. The jet engine falling is the common event for both universes so they aligned along this temporal node, but there is a time displacement of twenty-eight days and that causes a problem.


There is a current belief among the 2012 Ascension groups that the earth will soon divide into two earths - Planet A and Planet B. The problem with this planetary shift is that the Earth would not divide; but the entire universe. Like an amoeba reproducing the current universe would split into parallel versions of itself or parallel universes. If this ascension scenario is consistent, it would seem to indicate that all possible universes existent and becoming existent began with one universe which then divided and subdivided creating more and more parallel versions of the original.


I was doing research on the net and decided to punch in Sept 3 2010 (I'd had some dreams of a person whose birthday is on that day). I got an earthquake & tsunami prediction for the California coast:

A mega quake tsunami hits the north American west coast September 3rd 2010, costing countless lives and possibly collapsing the US economy into a real depression. After this, the east coast is supposed to get hit as well, in preparation for the invasion of the US by a multinational force lead by Russia and China.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2012 Stuff...

There has been much discussion over the events of 2012, but it may be the Mayan prophecies do not address the entire human species. It may be the struggle and revelation foretold is meant to only affect certain individuals. These would be the ones who are currently going through a cycle of destruction and into a higher dimension of consciousness. If this is so, the affected individuals would have experienced an ego shattering episode in their lives corresponding to the last era's end - 1987 through 1998. If they have managed to survive the upheaval, they have been restructuring themselves and are due for major transformation December 21 2012. This might be what is meant by the Ascension. The years between December 21, 1999 through December 21, 2012 mark the beginning of the sixth era. By December 21, 2012 the sixth era will be fully in place, the transformation will have completed itself.

The feared world-ending catastrophe might refer to the ego-death of the consciousness, similar to that which occurs before the final stage of Enlightenment. If the above statements are valid, the Winter Solstice of 2012 doesn't mark the beginning of a transforming process - it marks the end.