Monday, October 31, 2011

The Overall Process

In breath.......Out breath

I am not thinking in terms of duality or opposites with the above, but rather in terms of a process. With breathing, there is an inward breath (inhalation) and an outward breath (exhalation), Any identified start or end point in the process is arbitrarily set, for one does not actually exist. Neither is the inward breath the opposite of the outward breath, nor is it higher in the hierarchy - both are necessary for the process to continue.

The process of Expansion/Contraction, Involution/Evolution is perpetual - without beginning or end. Existence says, "Start here in the process and end here." In between "start here" and "end here" is an experience of existence, a Realm of Substance. Our current Realm of Substance (in both its physical and non-physical aspects) is called by some, the universe.

The observer is also a necessary part of the process. Where the observer ends and begins is set arbitrarily by the Self. So what is the Self? It is the process. In our example, the Self is the breathing. While in the role of observer, the Self can identify itself as being any part of the breathing process, and the rest of the process becomes the observed.

What is the purpose of the process, if any? There is no way to know while inside the process. The current process may be part of a larger organism or part of an even larger process. The question cannot be answered satisfactorily.

"There are no easy answers with which to satisfy the restless mind."

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Psychic Process...

(for lack of a better word, and even though it has acquired negative connotations, I am stuck with the term 'psychic')

Whatever it is that starts the psychic process seems to have its own agenda. This agenda is not apparent to the conscious mind. The psychic process begins whenever an opportunity to progress the agenda approaches or develops. The psychic process is designed to take advantage of the prevailing circumstances, and, in some cases, can foresee the approach of favorable circumstances. Communication with the conscious mind is mostly in the form of intuitive or precognitive thoughts and dreams. This communication, however, is not reliable; and due to its sporadic nature, it is best viewed as a privilege rather than a given.

The psychic process seems to be something that moves through a person, rather than something a person moves.

The Psychic Process is a symbiotic one. Something - perhaps a non-physical intelligence - wants to affect the physical realm and can only do it through physical means. This restriction makes it necessary to recruit a physically based intelligence to accomplish its goals on the physical plane. The human mind is receptive to such contact, but there is a caveat: The human mind must relinquish its free will to the non-physical intelligence. But there is a payoff. The human mind can get a feel of what it is like to exist in a non-physical way. And the feeling is addictive! People who feel it and who want to feel it again, become 'spiritual seekers' who pursue the non-physical in various ways, or along various paths. The key continues to be a relinquishment of the free will and also a quieting of the conscious mind.

Many religions and philosophies have discovered this technique for creating the circumstances in which non-physical contact is met. Something wants to act through you, but it will usually not force its way in. After all, there are always other minds that will - some are human and some are not - plants and animals have the same capacity for responding to a non-physical contact.


Dimensions are due to collide; this one and another. This is a rare event. The timeline known as (identity deleted) is an Aqdab Gate, a portal or a window through which the event may be witnessed. No alterations to the original timeline are permissible. The wave of time will take any intelligent presence in the window to the event. We do not know if this opportunity has been designed by more advanced entities or is purely accidental.

Witnesses cannot be a disembodied presence, each must inhabit a physical body. Due to the limited mass dilemma, the physical body must have already been in place at the time of the selected event. No extra mass can be arbitrarily added to the original universe. This requires that an original presence inhabiting the original universe must agree to give up their perspective so that another entity can enter and observe the original timeline. These witness entities, or "walk-ins", are not allowed to interfere or adjust original events of the original universe.