Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Containment Dilemma

I realized something about existence when I was eight years old. I wondered about God. My religion and my parents, grandparents, etc all said that God lived in Heaven and if I was good I might get to go there when I died. OK. Fine. So...where was this Heaven?
In the sky, I was told. God lives in Heaven and Heaven is in the sky. OK so far.

Who made Heaven?

God made Heaven.

Where did God get the stuff to make Heaven?

Well, God made the stuff to make Heaven.

Uhmmm...where did God get the stuff to make the stuff to make Heaven?

Now we run into a problem. Because the only answer that makes any sense is that God got the stuff from God; which would mean that we and everything else are little parts of God wandering around pretending we don't know each other and perhaps even worse, pretending that we do not know that we are God pretending not to know!

That answer, of course, is unacceptable in the Abrahamic school of thought community and quite beyond the conceptualization powers of a lot of good intentioned people - like parents and grandparents.

This is the Containment Dilemma. We expect reality (or existence if you prefer) to come in discretely contained packages. We objectify reality-existence through a cause-and-effect mentality. The expectation breaks down when the conversation turns to the Origins of Existence. Why? Because the only answer that makes any sense is that at some point there is no more containment of objects. In order to explain reality-existence, objects and their separate distinctions have to disappear. Everything does not become One as we are taught in the Enlightenment Advanced Studies class. Everything becomes Nothing.

As long as there is a something before to start from, there is a something that the something before came from, ad infinitum. We usually use God as a cap to end the regression of Containment after which we say mysterious and unclear things that mean, Stop asking those difficult questions!

If our cause-effect, hierarchical, containment-necessary explanation of Existence does not work unless it endlessly loops back upon itself, it means that this reality-existence we call "home" is not truly 'real'. It is an artificial environment, an anomaly whether accidental or deliberately created. At some point in the explanation, the next level of being for reality-existence is '...and then there were none'.

No Time, no space, no measurement of any kind. No beginning, no end. And not because it was always there, but because it was never there.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

How's This for News...

Ascension -

1. The rise of the "Christ-Consciousness" to the point that the individual is beyond the powers of reincarnation.

2. After reincarnation the soul is released from the wheel of karma.

3. The word "resurrection" as found in the New Testament can be translated as "ascension".

Ascension is basically a change in focus of consciousness-awareness. Awareness is the key factor as it is the primal nature of the Source.

See 'Mind Ascension'

Mind Ascension - How Beings from Another Dimension are Helping Transform Material Bound Consciousness Through Information that is being Telepathically Communicated...

At this time a Mind Ascension has begun, and all minds extended from particular intentions that are either non-ascending or have concluded their karma are being retracted. The Ascension retracts the dream of the life, and the individual simply exists physically in one manner or another until the current dream ceases. The time of departure has begun and any available minds not necessary for holding open the Gate are preparing to leave the Realm of Substance.

Spirit is working to end this expression of the One. There are those among us who are Fifth-Dimensional beings operating on the Fifth Dimension while remaining physically in the fourth-dimensional reality of time and space. We see and think things that were not possible before.

You are being asked to cooperate in this exodus, you are not being forced.


Monday, December 14, 2009

The Realm of Substance

The Realm of Substance -

We exist in the Realm of Substance. Beyond this realm are many others - or perhaps there is only one! Nevertheless, our boundary of awareness is defined by the Chaotic state of Nothingness which [begins] the Realm of Substance. This 'Aqdab Gate' serves as a portal to any realms which may be other than our current realm.



The Realm of Substance -

Aqdab Gate - Chaos of Nothingness
Awareness - Beingness
The Consciousness
Low-Level Existence
  High-Level Existence
    Multiple Parallel Dimensions of Existence
        Spirit / God


There can be realms or Dimensions of Hierarchy within the Realm of Substance. For instance, the Spirit-God Dimension is considered to be higher than the Clairvoyant-Psychic; which is considered to be higher than the Physical-Material.

The Realm of Substance requires a Mind to lend it experience. That is why Existence seems to suddenly appear. There is no gradual build up to a state of Mind, it is either in effect or it is not. The first experience of Substance is in the Mind as NRJ. The Mind's first experience of NRJ is through the formation of Non-Matter or Mind in association with Non-Matter as Spirit. At a lower or latter level in the sequence is Mind's association with Matter as Life.

Mind in association with Matter as Life cannot have a direct interaction of Mind in association with Non-Matter as Spirit; they are mutually exclusive states. Spirit, therefore, cannot interact directly with Matter or material states of being in a successful manner due to the destructive effect Non-Matter has on Matter - it wants to change it into energy. If Spirit has successful non-destructive interactions with Matter, it is usually accomplished through the Mind as a Thought or an Intention.

The Dimension of Material Reality is uni-dimensional, meaning that it stands isolated. The Dimension of Non-Matter or Spirit is multi-dimensional, meaning that it is connections to other dimensions. The Mind can "travel" across dimensions more readily from the dimension of Non-Matter than it can from the dimension of Matter.

Life is the result of Mind's association with Matter. The problem is that once Mind forms an association with Matter, it becomes very difficult for the Mind to relinquish its grasp. Upon experiencing Life, the Mind tries in a futile gesture to grab and to hold onto as much of material existence as it can. This sets the conditions for multiple life experiences or re-incarnation loops. If the Mind is to regain its access to other dimensions, however (and more importantly, to other realms!) it must first relinquish its preoccupation with Matter and let go of its hold on the material dimension of existence.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Three Dimensions of Time

I did a post a while back in another blog regarding the three types of mind. The subject matter concerned the three dimensions of Time commonly known to us as Past, Present and Future. The point was that we can 'travel' to these other dimensions of Time by changing the way we think about the associated reality and in this way gather valuable information. But the information is valid only within its context and must be understood from the perspective of its dimension.

The Past is accessed through Memory. The Future becomes available through Imagination. The Present is sensed through Perception. This means you are perfectly capable of recalling the Future just as well as you can remember the Past. It is simply that the Future is as yet unformed.

In the same manner that we can travel through the dimensions of Time, we can also travel through dimensions of other existences. We simply change the way in which we think about Existence.

We currently have a vocabulary for the three Time dimensions - Past, Present, Future - we have yet to create a universal language for other-dimensional interactions.


The Past and Memory -

Here's an esoteric way to think about Memory:

The Akashic Record continually updates any and all imprints into the medium. Every change no matter how small is read into the Akashic Record as if it were a static occurrence in time and space. This gives the appearance that physical reality is a solid unchanging and linear progression, and further, that once something has occurred in the fabric of time and space, it remains forever unchanged.


The Future and the Imagination -

Every moment of every day in linear time, minds are creating new possible and probable time lines in the infinity of time-space. In any given moment, you have an infinite number of possible paths to choose from in order to manifest your next moment. Hence every thought, however imperceptible, changes the nature of the time-space continuum.


The Present and Perception -

The only reality is the 'Now' moment. Stretching to either side, however, is the illusion of Past and Future. This overlap of Memory, Perception and Imagination creates the illusory suggestion that a Present exists.


The Observer Position -

'Now' is not really a time at all, it is a perspective from the observer position. Wherever the observer is, is 'Now'.


The 'Now' Moment -

I only know of two ways to demonstrate the reality of other dimensions. Both involve the 1/5th of a second it takes for the brain to process sensory information. I call this 'A View from the Fifth Dimension' due to my interpretation of its being an instance of the Fifth Dimension seeping into the Fourth Dimension through the 'Now' moment; which is actuality no Time at all but an observer perspective.

If 'Now' could be given a Time frame, it would be 1/5th of a second. I believe it is in this 1/5th of a second that the opportunity for manifestation presents itself. If indeed it takes us that long to process raw Existence into something we can understand through sensory perception.