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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Multi-Dimensions in Simulated Reality

"We are immersed in our learning of Four dimensions and are slowly becoming aware of a Fifth."


Here I will introduce new terms for our discussions.

Outside Reality and Inside Reality. Between the two is a gray area in which neither reality functions. We will call this gray non-functioning area the Void or Chaotic Nothingness. It is in constant flux, or motion, and has the Potential to become or to clump and adhere together in the formation of a Realm.

Let's take apart a dream. A dream is a simulated reality, it is a Realm. Inside the dream is Inside Reality. Outside the dream, in the physical world, is Outside Reality. Everything inside the dream is created inside the dream. The raw material for the dream - memories and external sensory stimuli - is processed and becomes the 'stuff' of the dream. The processing happens in that gray area that is neither the waking reality nor the dream reality. It is both and neither at once. Dreams do not function properly here, neither does waking reality. Yet the observer must pass through it to travel from one realm, or inclusive reality, to the other. In this gray area, everything of the Observer is stripped away except for a Sense of Presence that is carried across the threshold and into the realms. The Dream Self stays in the dream. The Other Self (of which we can know nothing) remains Outside Reality. The Sense of Presence is Awareness. Knowledge, or that which we can know, is made from the action of the Consciousness. The two of these working together form the Mind - a Sense of Presence with Knowledge of itself and its surroundings.

The Sense of Presence travels Outside and Inside Reality. This leads to a Divine Entanglement of Outside Reality and Inside Reality due to the window or the gate created by the Sense of Presence as it travels from one to the other. This Entangled Reality travels with the Sense of Presence but in a Potential State of Being, a dormant state of Existence which does not function in the Destination Reality or in the Consciousness. Many within the simulation or Inside Reality sense this entanglement and name it God, or Brahma and such. Some take it a bit further and suggest that the Sense of Presence must be coming from some Outside Reality; much in the same way we exist outside our dreams as well as inside them, but in an altered state of Perception or reception that does not allow it or us to function in both simultaneously.

The Sense of Presence is limited to one or the other. It is a focal point, not the entire entity which may have an existence both Outside and Inside Reality. Our focal point, the Sense of Presence, is what determines Inside and Outside Reality as far as we're concerned. Whichever one we focus upon is Inside Reality, that which we ignore is Outside Reality. The Consciousness is concerned with designations of Inside and Outside. The Sense of Presence has an Awareness of both Realities but can only 'know' what the Consciousness knows. The Consciousness becomes entangled with whatever Reality is focused upon, names it Inside Reality and ignores the other as Outside Reality. It takes its cue from Awareness.


"I don't think we're concerned whether this is a simulated reality or not. What we want to do is have more internal control over how it manifests. If we want to leave, we will simply die."


This is not a computer-based simulation, it is an awareness-based simulation. Awareness is the generator.

Awareness is not "in" us - we are appearing "in" Awareness. This is just like a dream in which we mistakenly identify only with a character in the dream rather than with the dreamer who is having the dream.

Awareness is the 'sense of presence' necessary for observing a simulation from within. That makes it a window to the outside, a Gate.


Simulation as Translation -
We have been taught that Matter is reality. What if it is not? What if a simulated reality was needed in order for the Mind to experience Matter?

What we call simulated could also be an adaptation so that we can experience an environment foreign to us. Perhaps it is not as fluid and variable as we may think. Perhaps it is a distillation which we play back after processing - a static, unchangeable sample, an extraction, a slice of outside reality that we slow down and separate into parts for study. We could be self-aware probes.


"If we do indeed exist within a simulated reality there are two possibilities. The first is that we exist within a simulation where all events have been decided and we are merely following a pre-determined series of these events. The second is that the reality in which we exist is composed of complex algorithms and equations which allow us to think for ourselves and let us evolve as the program runs its course. In the latter it is probable that the entity which is controlling or overseeing the program does not know what will happen in our reality."

Or it could be a combination of the two, a third possibility: a predetermined series of events in which the thinking process is left open-ended. A controlled experiment in the development and operation of the Consciousness.

Free Will / A Sense of Choice -
Free will would be easy to fake. The requirement is a sense of choice, not actual choice. One path with a sense, or Illusion, that there were many available.

Precognition -
Not every event would need to be predetermined, just enough of them to keep the simulation moving in a certain direction. These node points, being part of the simulated reality, could be sensed from within the simulation as being the Future.

Sample Points -
Certain entities within the joint simulation / consciousness experiment would be sample points. These entities would be the ones most likely to be affected by Divine Entanglement, develop an awareness of a connection with the outside, and the ones Inside Reality most likely to sense the simulation's 'unreality'.

Clairvoyance. Look but don't Touch -
Depending on the type of connection, it may not be completely severable, making it a two-way gate.

The Dreamer Dreamed, the Observer Observed -
There are two parts to a simulation. The simulation itself and the observer of the simulation, the one immersed in it but not a part of it. Like in a dream, there is the dreamer and the creations that exist within the dream as a part of the dream. The dreamer is immersed in the dream but is not a part of it. The dreamer may wake up inside the dream, but the dreamed people never will, at least so far they haven't. I have not yet had a dreamed person look at me from inside the dream and say, "This isn't real!"

It is not quite accurate, however, to say that the dreamer is not part of the dream because they are, but they are related to it in a special way, being both creator and observer. Within the dream they are the Observer; outside the dream, they are the Creator. Sometimes the Creator side awakens inside the creation and realizes it as such.

It may be an inevitable part of a simulation that given enough experience and awareness of the simulated reality, the observer "wakes" up while still inside it; much like a lucid dreamer can wake up inside a dream and know the experience as a dream state without a disruption to the flow of the dream.

Lucid Dream -
The creator wakes up inside the creation and is able to identify the created counterpart within the creation as distinct (though not separate) from the other parts of the creation and as itself.


Monday, April 19, 2010


With 2012 coming, I want to go on record...

Arrival -

I have this dream in which there are two moons in the eastern sky. The sun is low in the west, the real moon is about 30 to 40 degrees above the horizon. At the east-northeast position at about the same degree above the horizon is a second moon. Both moons are 3/4 moons and look like reflections of each other.

I keep staring at the sky as it gets darker and soon thereafter the space-people arrive as points of light resembling stars. (I call them the space-people) There are two groups of these lights that appear like constellations directly overhead. At first they move in group formations then they separate and move independently. One group is towards the red end of the spectrum and comes out of the west. The other group is towards the blue end of the spectrum and comes out of the east.

Cruising -

If they see us as they are passing overhead, they pick us up. (although I have never seen this done myself, it is understood in that dream sort of way) If they do not see you, they leave you alone. So stay away from open doors or windows or get under something if they pass overhead. They tend to fly low, very low.

Bombing Runs -

I have also seen the space-people do a coordinated bombing run in which they line up and traverse from the west dropping explosive devices every several hundred yards. Sometimes these bombs do not explode but simply sit in the destroyed remains of the house it fell upon. These bombs are huge elongated capsules - maybe 30 feet in length. It does not seem they are targeting humans with these bombs.

I haven't had this dream for a while.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Problem with Precognition

When the conscious mind fragments due to over or under stimulation - when the system overloads due to an extreme excess or an extreme lack of sensation, there is a separation of the self-identification into Creator of experience and Observer of experience.

The Observer creates an experience of intimate association with a sensed yet mysterious "presence".

The conscious mind as Observer is able to experience the sub-conscious mind as the creator of another kind of experience and names it 'God' or 'Spirit' or 'Divine Other'.

For as long as the separation persists the conscious mind plays the role of 'Seeker' seeking after an explanation for the sensed presence. When there is reintegration of the separate selves, the seeking ceases and the experience becomes a vague memory.

The conscious mind views the sub-conscious counterpart as quite separate and valid, real to the point that overt communication flourishes.

The sub-conscious mind becomes the Higher Self and who is to say that it is not truly God or at least God's divine portal?

Freed of the concerns that preoccupy the conscious mind, the sub-conscious can discern 'truth'.

The trouble with lucid dreaming is that the conscious mind will try to interpret what it is being shown instead of just observing.

On Seeing the Future -

Precognition is the universal mind taking a snapshot of the present moment and making a running a best guess scenario (some might say prediction) of what is least likely (i)not(i) to happen.

Precognition drops the insignificant.

Node Points -

Node Points are instances of Fate. The future can be seen if there is a node point in place. A person with a lot of direct Fate operating in their lifetime will be able to have these points observed by a sensitive of sufficient ability. Someone without a lot of direct Fate operating along their life line will not be able to have their Future seen because Destiny - personal choice, free will - is at work and therefore the Future is more of a variable than an immutable fact.

The path between node points is a person's Destiny. It is open to variance. This is where free will comes into play.

The events supporting the node points are inevitable and free will is limited in the expression and occurrence of those events. They must happen. Events between node points that have nothing o do with the occurrence of these fated events are free to be altered by choice. What you have for breakfast will not matter unless it supports or interferes with a node point. Then your choice will be predetermined by Fate and is unchangeable.

Peripheral Involvement -

Node Points drive life forward and connect certain people together. Node Points and these connections form a web or a fabric to life's expression. Node Points can be seen by anyone with sufficient ability whether or not the node point has anything to do with them directly or personally. Because of this, node points can be avoided. But only by those who are not directly affected by them, whose node points they are not!

The Titanic Example -

Some people can change their destiny by avoiding a fated event. They see something that does not directly involve them. That is why certain people are able to see the future, and alter their plans to avoid it. They can exercise their free will to not include the particular node point in their life line.

If, however, the node point is part their Fate, even actions taken to avoid its occurrence only moves them towards it.

It becomes necessary to observe the perspective by which the future event is observed. Does the node point present itself in the first person or from a third person point of view? Are you participant or observer?

Attempts at Warning -

In either case, you will not receive enough information to prevent the incident from taking place. Your involvement might actually bring the event closer. Your attempts at warning would then be Fated.


There are two kinds of Future, the Foreseeable Future and the Unforeseeable Future. The Foreseeable Future is Fate. Anyone with sufficient ability can see it.

The Unforeseeable Future is Destiny. It is in constant flux and is unpredictable due to free will of the participants.

Some people only have two points of Fate. They are born and they die. Everything in between is free will. The less one's actions and choices influence or have an affect on others, the more free will they have in their decisions. The more one's actions and choices influence or have an affect on others, the less free will they have in their choices. The situation can reach a point with a person whose life is extremely fated, that they have no choice - no free will at all - in their actions. They then become observers and fulfill their roles as such.