Saturday, October 31, 2009

Is Time Necessary?

Is Time necessary?

Is there such a thing as objective Time, or do our perceptions create Time as part of the information retrieval process?

Time can be used as a descriptor to identify an event.


The common-sense view of the world as a three-dimensional space modulated by the passage of time:

Conventionally, time is divided into three distinct phases; the "past", the "present", and the "future". Using that representational model, the past is generally seen as being immutably fixed and the future as being undefined and nebulous. The moment that was once the present becomes a part of the past; and some part of the future, in turn, becomes the new present.

The thing is that it is all happening so fast!


The Cause and Effect Effect -

The circumstances of the present moment are used to validate the next moment due to a parsing feature in the perception that does not allow a random selection of events.

This process begins with a birth of consciousness and ends with its subsequent death. We call the string of events a lifetime.

This collection of experienced events can also be thought of as a block of sequence. Any individual event within the block can belong to a different block. Blocks of Sequence interweave with one another and in this way create the fabric of a block universe.

This idea suggests a unique birth of consciousness through an initial event [of creation / expansion / inflation] as all possible choices come into being, and a unique death of consciousness [through contraction / deflation / collapse] as all possible choices are realized and as all possible outcomes are eventually exhausted.

The new block universe comes into being whole and complete from beginning to end, but the events within are not yet realized. As realized events expand, the unrealized events contract. This process of experience is called 'Becoming'.

Big Bang...End Game.


The Free Will Dilemma -

Free will in a block universe of the type I have described is simply a matter of choosing which block of sequence to experience next, it is not the creating of a new experience. The choices have already been set in place and exist before they are selected. It is a limited free will whose extents will never be realized in a single lifetime.

When you stand at the threshold of choice your options are limited to whatever can be created out of the present moment.
In other words, "You can choose any flavor you want as long as it's vanilla or chocolate; free will is not infinite."


The Will of God in a Block Universe -

In a Block Universe the will of God manifests as high stress situations where the options are severely limited. A decision must be made, but the choices are few. There is no time for lengthy consideration and Intuition has to be relied upon to resolve the issue.

The successful outcome requires an act of Faith.

As the block universe progresses the events open to selection become less and less in number, the rest are set in place as the Past. The free will of the new block universe gradually dissipates as the events within are realized and the block universe grows older. The will of God begins to manifest through the form of old souls who are limited in their use of free will. The free will of these old souls has been subjugated to God's will which then appears in the form of
demons, angels, djinn, avatars, and, of course, modabids.


Sequence in a Block Universe -

Before and After are terms of Sequence. Past, Present and Future are terms for dealing with Time. Sequence can exist without a time framework. A relative future event can occur before a relative past event thus influencing the relative past event in such a way that it affects the relative future event. This is called WhirlPooling or BootStrapping. Old souls manifest in their relative Past to teach and influence the beings of that relative Past world in order that they - the old soul - may come into an activated existence in the past world's relative future.


Friday, October 30, 2009

Simulation Series - Life as a Wave Function

Life is a wave function.

The present moment is like a point on the wave. We do not experience the point because the state change happens faster than we are able to perceive it, so events seem to flow.

Without memory of the past as a series of set events and without an imagination of possible future events, it would always be a perpetual 'Now' and we would have no awareness that it could be any other way than how it is.

We would be in a state of perfect beingness. The Consciousness establishes the parameters for Past, Present, Future - Memory, Perception and Imagination.

It is an Illusion that the Past cannot be any other way than how we remember it; just as it is an Illusion that a Future exists.

There are only Now states which have been experienced and those which have not been experienced. The Past in this way is a Block Perception.

We are prevented from seeing the wave function due to our concentration on the point / static / particle part of the wave.

In order to experience the wave, our Perception changes it into a series of points. Perception acts as an information retrieval system.

We remember the past so that we do not choose the same moment again and again and again. The goal in perception is to move along the wave.

Our Perception is locked to the present moment as the point's position changes. We cannot experience the wave through perception alone; our Imagination gives us a taste of the wave.

We know it is there, we just can't touch it. We must relinquish our one point focus if we are to experience the continuity of the wave. We do this from the Fifth Dimension of Clairvoyance.

And in fact, our understanding of the wave function is limited by our experience of it through the only tool we have as physical entities - our perception. The wave function transcends experience and defies description.

Even the attempt at an explanation leaves out something and we can only reach an approximation of the actuality such that we can only know one thing: Whatever we say about it isn't it.

We must give up our hold on it through perception and be the wave with no concern about the past and no regard about the future, suspending time in exchange for awareness.

In this state of beingness there is no interpretation, no assignment of good or evil and no thought of free will. We become witnesses to the unfolding of the Consciousness from the perspective of Awareness.


Perception displaces the Awareness of Being!


Detach from the present moment of Perception and flow with the wave of Beingness. This unlocks the Fifth Dimension. This is the Aqdab Gate, the Portal to the Awareness claimed by the Mystics and the Clairvoyants.

In this state of being, psychic activity is simply another form of perception made available to the Consciousness.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Universal Beingness

The universe changes moment by moment. A moment is of very short duration and happens very quickly. The universe in existence now is not the universe that was in existence a moment ago. It has evolved or become something else.

Due to our cognitive time lag we are constantly a step behind the universal 'Now' or what I call Actual Now. This lag behind is the unavoidable consequence of Perception.

Our physical senses can only process information which already exists; so we become witnesses of the universal unfolding as a result.

So what is Actual Now?

Actual Now is Beingness. It is pre-cognitive and pre-perceptual. Actual Now is the state of Existence before it is filtered by our human senses, parsed by our human perception and interpreted by our human intellect.

We 'twist' the simultaneity of Existence into something our minds can understand, this twisting involves a time delay during which our intellect creates a framework of Past, Present and Future based on Memory, Perception and Imagination.

Perception needs to something to be perceived. It does not function in simultaneous environments. Perception requires Existence to be experienced in slices. Information is selectively chosen and linked together by the Perception, is processed, and then presented to the cognitive mind for intellectualizing.


It is similar to examining something with a microscope. The perspective provides a detailed view, emphasizing some aspects while filtering out others.

Simultaneity is filtered out; similarity is emphasized.

Similar events attract other similar events so that sequence is experienced as an ordered and consistent change.