Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Short Story from Sufi Tales An'Qarin

by the modabid al-Adel Hassan


The little sliver of whatever passes for the woman's day sits as a line of faded color on the distant horizon.

She sighs a prayer, hopes that the poet Bem-Salef will reconsider and end it all - until she falters. And then sometime later, with the moon looming large and magnificent over her head the woman turns from her position at the window to once again ponder the obscure shadows hidden deep within the room's dimly lit interior.

In her hand she clutches a strand of prayer beads, clutches them so tightly that her knuckles crack in protest. She has done this many times before, the Yasmin. The sunset, the dunes, and the moonlight are her eternal companions.

There is the sound of paper rustling like silk veils lifting as one and hovering over an oasis that is many realities in the same moment - an imaginary heaven whose bestowment the Yasmine may not abide nor even consider lest it hem her in, jumble itself together in a tangled scheme, or come apart altogether at unexpected moments.

Sometimes the story abruptly ceases, ending in corridors with ascending stone steps; sometimes dissolving mid air amidst a song recalled from her own distant past.

Once upon a time not long ago she had passed through a section of verse that was somehow corruptly poised above a confused proliferation of neurotic viewpoints which had a flickering , sparse and uncertain illumination. Discarded ideas floated freely in the sky like clouds. Their relevance lost between pale wisps of pungent sweet-smelling blue smoke. Multiple visions had crowded the same low ceiling. It had been a nonsense of design and had subsequently been destroyed.

She was close this time
, very very close ....she could see it now: The story had a spiraling design!

Each level written as a separate existence that was completely negated by the level directly above it; each level's existence thereafter was completely negated by the level directly above it, so that the pattern and style of each successive negation always varied from the manner in which the levels below were negated by the levels above.

The Yasmin found she could not quite focus on their content however. The levels were cluttered with crossed out lines and clustered dots, eclectic marks and cryptic anagrams so distorted that she could make no sense of it at all.

Her hands were locked in a paralyzed grip of agony. Her knuckles
were pale. The ends of her fingertips were turning a dangerous shade of blue. She had been gazing at the written and unwritten pages for so long she had lost all track of time. Her legs were numb. She herself, frightened and dazed. She stood and stumbled, then slumped to one side; the floor rose up, and - flumpf!

Bem abruptly started, reached out. Too late. The manuscript had fallen. Gone was the visionary other side of Bem's cloudy curtain. The reverie faded. His precious poem was lost.

And here the poet's narration ceases altogether; and when the end to our tale comes, the Yasmin ed-Dallal has forgotten she ever existed anyway. Old words, new verses. Each gathering dust.

For that is how things invariably went with the poet Bem-Salef, ever since the loss of his fair Alyoucha. Every poem of his eventually mentioned dust. Dust in a wilderness where nothing ever transpired.

Not this. Not anything....

modabid al-Adel Hassan copyright 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

The modabid Sessions - Pt 4

We say God loves us as a comfort - the thought of such a powerful being is threatening to our peace of mind."

"What right-thinking Soul would leave the glory of Heaven
for such a place as this?"

[For the purposes of discussion, we will assume that souls exist.]


Where do souls come from?

Do they originate in a higher realm or come from a lower one, passing through the earth on their way to heaven?


On Souls -
General consensus suggests that souls come from God.

On God -
"There is a self-sustaining and consistent force that rules the universe. That appears obvious. But exactly what it is, this force - that is a mystery we have yet to unravel."

The Big Question -
If souls have their origins in a higher realm, what are they doing here?

The Possible Answer -
There is a certain fascination of spirit associated with the material realm.


"In order to experience one reality, it is necessary to ignore or to forget another, or to at least to ignore or to forget certain aspects of reality which define the other's existence."


The Discussion -

Q: The Necessity of Ignorance stated above creates a problem - If a soul forgets where it comes from, how does it get back?

A: Forgetting has been described by various religions as a turning away from God or as a kind of original sin that pushes a soul out of heaven.

This action of forgetting is not always viewed as a negative. Certain beliefs see it as an accepted requirement for experience to occur on the material realm.

Perception of the physical blocks out or ignores certain aspects of reality in favor of others. Human understanding of the observable universe is based on experienced gained through perception. This form of knowledge works well in securing a physical survival, but it is not sufficient to return a soul to its heavenly existence. A different kind of knowledge is needed for that.


Q: But if the soul has forgotten the reality of heaven in order to experience the material realm, where does a lost soul gain the knowledge needed to return it to its place of origin?

A: To resolve the problem of forgetfulness God regularly sends a manifested soul as an expression of the divine will. This manifested soul has no free will of its own. Although outwardly human in other respects, it expresses God's will. The manifested soul has a foot in both worlds - the material and the spiritual - and thus retains knowledge of its source.

The recurring mission is to transfer this knowledge to those lost souls desirous of a homeward returning.

The intermediary soul serves variously as a gate, an angel, an avatar, and a modabid. The assigned task determines the form an
intermediary soul takes in fulfilling God's intention.

Gates hold open God's portal and point the way to God's Essence. Angels deliver messages. Avatars provide instructive education to key individuals who then educate others. Modabids seek out misinterpreted knowledge
and make the appropriate corrections as needed.

This latter brings up a common misconception regarding the teachings of Islam. The Holy Quran is a recorded conversation between God and the angel Gabriel. The messenger is the angel, not Mohamed, who is later made recipient of the conversation's content. The recurrent 'we' of the Quran is actually God and the angels in discourse.

Mohamed decided God was talking personally
to him and set in motion the first Islam which is to be replaced by the greater Islam as foretold in the Quran.

Islam is not a religion.

Islam is intended as a way of attaining reconciliation and peace with God. It is a philosophy. The Muslim religion is a result of the lesser Islam. It is the first practiced form of Islam. The results and nature of the greater Islam are still to come, " be revealed in a time and place of God's own choosing."


Q: So what is the remembering that an Intermediary Soul delivers?

A: The message of angels varies according to time and need, as does the education provided by avatars. The modabid's task is to transmit knowledge regarding the state of reality which transcends the material realm yet provides a foundation for its existence.


False Divine Intermediaries -

Many will claim possession of God's will as a way of elevating their status and acquiring worldly gain. Others put their trust completely in these persons and blindly follow these pretenders because they know of nothing else to do.


The modabid Sessions - Pt 3

Involution -


At the lowest point of Existence, or at the Creation-Level, there is an interaction of Mind with Matter.

The Intention of Mind is to inhabit Matter.

The Purpose is to explore the Material Realm.

The Result is Life.

An association of Mind to Matter creates the Etheric.

The Etheric is an envelope which contains Life; it is the "glue" between Mind and Matter.

An Envelope is a certain set of conditions that, when associated with Substance, make certain phenomenon possible that otherwise would not take place.

Spirit is such an envelope; it happens when Mind forms an Intention to inhabit Non-Matter.

The influence of Spirit can be seen as heat and light within the Observable Universe.

influence is emitted as energy.


Spiritual-Beings happen when Mind forms an Intention to inhabit Non-Matter.

Spirit is the result, it is not the purpose. The Purpose is to explore Non-Matter.

Life-Beings happen when Mind forms an Intention to inhabit Matter.

Life is the result, it is not the purpose. The Purpose is to explore Matter.


Q: Is there a dissolution of the Soul?

A: On this matter of a Soul.

Spirit is not Life and Life is not Spirit.

The notion of a Soul is best stated as being the experiences and the memories the Mind takes with it from Life.

A living body is composed of many Minds working in harmony.

When Death occurs, the many Minds dissolve their group associations and continue onward toward their own Becoming.

Each retains a part of the experience that was life.

Survival of the Personality is an Holistic projection that can be reproduced by associating the particular memory of each concerned Mind with the same memory of Self.

The re-created Self will remember only the Life-Time it occupied and will not remember any Time Backwards or Forwards of that Time.

It will not perceive or recognize any object, concept, or living thing that did not [appear] within its Life-Time.

The re-created Self is not a Spirit Form, it is the Memory from a composite moment of Mind's association with Matter.


Q: Are there Angels and such?

A: There are Beings of Spirit just as there are Beings of Life.

All things contain Spirit, but not all things contain Life.

The influence of Spirit can best be stated as: "I Am Also That."


There is an interval of Time necessary for change to happen within the Physical Realm, a number of steps or 'Sequences of Change' that must be gone through.

Spirit can be experienced in the form of physical energy - heat and light - as any material change in state approaches near instantaneous.

The larger the Sequence of Change in relation to the brevity of Time, the more Spirit appears as an influence.

The Influence of Spirit can be destructive to Matter, and so may cause a disassociation of Mind to Matter, Insanity, or Physical Death.


Uv-taars -

God as a Spiritual Being cannot have direct contact with a living thing because it results in the disassociation of Mind to Matter. Therefore, Material Existence is provided association with Divine Spirit through Intermediary Souls.

The Mind of an
Intermediary Soul is set equally between the Spirit and the Etheric, with one face to God and one face to Matter. Contact from God is made through Intermediary Souls who hold the Intention to do God's will.

Intermediary Souls have no free will in choosing what they do or say, however they are able to think any thought and to hold any opinion they wish.

When an
Intermediary Soul is used to transport Intention from one Dimension to another it is called a 'Divine Manifestation'.

Intention is that which a Mind decides to do itself or to have done by another.


The modabid Sessions - Pt 2

Consciousness, Awareness, and Existence -


The Consciousness is 0 1.

It is not the zero. It is not the one.

It is the Difference between the two.

The Consciousness is what allows the Mind to detect Difference;

to say that something is there, and that something is not there.

The Chaos of Nothingness is zero. It is not 'there'.

Beingness is one. It is 'there'.

Beingness is the thought, "I Am".

"I Am" is Awareness.


Consciousness makes Difference possible.

NRJ is Difference given definition.

Thoughts associated with NRJ are variations of the First Thought "I Am".

They are: "I Am That" / "I Am Not That" / "I Am Also That"


Mind reads the Difference and creates Existence.


Consciousness is Experience,

but first it must become Energy of Mind.

The Consciousness holds the Thought, "I Am Not That".

The reference is Awareness and beyond that, the Chaos of Nothingness.

There is a recognized Difference between Awareness as Beingness and the Chaos of Nothingness.

The Consciousness is NOT the Difference. The Consciousness is the Difference recognized.

The presence of Awareness is the Difference between Beingness and the Chaos of Nothingness.

The First Thought, "I Am'" becomes "I Am Not That" through an intercession of the Consciousness.

Difference is now possible through the Energy of the Mind - NRJ.

The Thoughts associated with NRJ are variations of the First Thought, "I Am"; they are: "I Am That" / "I Am Not That" / "I Am Also That"


The Consciousness makes Difference possible.

NRJ is the Difference given definition.

Mind reads the Difference and creates Existence.

Existence is Experienced in Dimensions.

Variations in NRJ define the Reality for any particular Dimension.

Variations are also known as "vibrations".

Variations are multiple combinations of the three Thoughts: "I Am That" / "I Am Not That" / "I Am Also That"

The Essential "That" not to be is the Awareness of Beingness; this creates the Consciousness.


Existence becomes Reality -

Various "Not Thats" push against various "Am Thats";

and as each "Not That" combines with each "Am That", various "Also Thats" are formed.

This Dance of NRJ is called Complexity. It happens at the Creation-Level of Existence, also known as Low-Level Existence.

Complexity comprises the Observable Universe.

The Observable Universe happens at the High-Level of Existence.

Observation of the Universe happens across multiple Dimensions of High-Level Existence.

Experience is filtered through Perception, of which there are many types.


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The modabid Sessions - Pt 1

I am the modabid.

So what does that mean?

What does it mean to be a modabid?

The modabid is the single point of Reality in a world of Illusion.

I can say, "I am the modabid."

When I am writing this book.

You can say, "I am the modabid."

When you are reading this passage.

We are all the modabid at one time or other;

as both an affirmation, and as a confirmation of Truth.

Where does it Begin?

It begins with the Chaos of Nothingness.

ut we can have no comprehension of what that means because there is no logic or information
within the Chaos of Nothingness for the Mind to grasp and hold onto.

So we say it begins with Awareness.

Awareness is Beingness. It is the First Thought, "I Am."


Being versus Existence

Being versus Existence

"Let's try not to get lost in the semantics."

Non-Existence / Pre-Existence / Low-Level Existence / High-Level Existence

Non-Existence / Beingness

Pre-Existence / the Consciousness

Low-Level Existence / NRJ

High-Level Existence / the observable universe


High-Level Existence is from [the quantum level] up - quarks, atoms, elephants, trees and rocks etc are examples of High-Level Existence. At this point, science kicks in.


Some fundamental questions

The principal questions of ontology are "What can be said to exist?" and "Into what categories, if any, can we sort existing things?"

Ontology is the philosophical study of the nature of being, existence or reality in general, as well as of the basic categories of being and their relations. Traditionally listed as a part of the major branch of philosophy known as metaphysics, ontology deals with questions concerning what entities exist or can be said to exist, and how such entities can be grouped, related within a hierarchy, and subdivided according to similarities and differences.

Ontology is inquiry into being in so much as it is being, or into being in general, beyond any particular thing which is or exists; and the study of beings insofar as they exist, and not insofar as, for instance, particular facts obtained about them or particular properties relating to them. Take anything you can find in the world, and look at it, not as a puppy or a slice of pizza or a folding chair or a president, but just as something that is. More specifically, ontology concerns determining what categories of being are fundamental and asks whether, and in what sense, the items in those categories can be said to "be".

Ontology is the study of that which is common to all things which exist.

Examples of ontological questions include:

* What is existence?
* Is existence a property?
* Which entities are fundamental?
* How do the properties of an object relate to the object itself?
* What features are the essential, as opposed to merely accidental, attributes of a given object?
* How many levels of existence or ontological levels are there?
* What is a physical object?
* Can one give an account of what it means to say that a physical object exists?
* Can one give an account of what it means to say that a non-physical entity exists?
* What constitutes the identity of an object?
* When does an object go out of existence, as opposed to merely changing?
* Why does anything exist rather than nothing? (This overlaps with questions in cosmology.)


The An'Kareen -
Everything that we can apprehend is but one part of a single entity. This idea somewhat anticipates the modern concept of an ultimate grand unification theory that finally explains all of reality in terms of one inter-related sub-atomic reality which applies to everything.

Forms must exist not only of Being, but also of Negation and of non-Being (or Difference)


Being (unique and unchanging)

Becoming - The dynamic aspect of being.

With Existence, 'Being' becomes 'Becoming'.

Becoming can be used as a term for potentiality.


Essence versus Substance
Beingness versus Existence
Awareness versus the Consciousness

NRJ = Difference = Substance

Awareness contains Difference but the Difference is Undifferentiated.


The Process of Involution -

There is no First Cause; there is only opportunity, potentiality, circumstance that is not accidental but merely unspecified. The Chance of Possibility.

Wher did Awareness come from?

There was no first cause, no reason [intellect] or purpose involved. There was Circumstance and the Chance of Possibility; not accidental but merely unspecified. The Chance of Possibility was/is the Potential for Something to appear out of Nothing. The Circumstance was/is Chaotic Nothingness about which we can know nothing.

This is [all] the Chance of Possibility that all this could actually happen.

The Consciousness [recognizes/detects] Difference - makes Difference possible. It is an enabler like the etheric and the Spirit. It forms an envelope/environment in which there can be Difference. It displaces Awareness/Beingness and [sets up the circumstance for Pre-Existence] through recognition of NRJ [modes of Difference].

It's a form of simulation real to the participants for as long as they remain within the simulation.

Awareness looks inward at itself. The Mind asks, "What Am I?" and answers, "I Am the Mind." To go beyond that, to the Source of Mind - Chaotic Nothingness about which we can know nothing - of necessity, dissolves the Mind.


Evolution -

Awareness [the Mind] explores Difference. Difference is Complexity.

In philosophy, essence is the attribute or set of attributes that make an object or substance what it fundamentally is, and which it has by necessity, and without which it loses its identity.

Essence is defined as the essential part of a thing; its Beingness or Awareness. The Mind. In order for us to experience a thing, it must first have Beingness. Non-Beingness is the Chaotic Nothingness of which we can know nothing - it is beyond our comprehesion. Why? Because it is Non-Beingness. There is nothing for us to grab onto either physically or mentally.

Existence 'appears' to the Mind through the Consciousness. The Consciousness establishes the circumstance for Difference. It does this by stating, "I Am Not That," meaning Awareness. NRJ is the Difference. It is an extention of the thought, "I Am Not That," which is itself a variation on the Original Thought, "I Am" - NRJ states, "I Am That" / "I Am Not That" / "I Am Also That".

"I Am Also That" - the Consciousness ultimately realizes that for a complete definition of itself, it needs to include Awareness as the thing it pushes away from.

The Consciousness references another thing; something outside itself that gives it definition - "I Am Not That". Awareness is self-referencing - "I Am".

It may be said that NRJ is the dynamic aspect of being - "I Am That" / "I Am Not That" / "I Am Also That" - or - Awareness / Not Awareness / Awareness. NRJ is the Mind becoming the Mind by an elimination of Difference through Inclusion. Awareness becoming Awareness with a Difference. The Difference progresses in Complexity until it becomes indistiguishable from Chaotic Nothingness. The Mind finally declares that it is the Chaotic Nothingness of which it can have no comprehension, and dissolves.


Manifestation -

When you manipulate something, you open it up and access the "I Am Also That" of it - the thing's Spirit. That is your handle. Your Spirit makes a connection with the thing's Spirit. There is no spoon because the spoon becomes an extension of your own self.

Whenever there is change, there is a corresponding release of NRJ. Harmonious releases of NRJ appear as instances of synchronicity. Rapid, abrupt or forced change, appears as light and heat on the physical realm; it is usually accompanied with unpredictable violence. Events are unexpected and sudden.

"I Am Also That" is as close to Beingness as Existence can come. "I Am Also That" is Spirit.


Beingness -

So if Beingness is the basis for everything, what is Beingness defined as being?

Beingness is defined as being something that is not nothing. In other words, Beingness is not the Chaos of Nothingness. Anything not the Chaos of Nothingness is Beingness. We cannot comprehend Chaotic Nothingness, but we can comprehend Beingness. We do this by exploring the states of Beingness - "I Am That" / "I Am Not That" / "I Am Also That" - called Existence. Anything that is other than Beingness/Awareness/Mind or Nothingness/Chaos is Existence/NRJ/the Consciousness. Exploring Existence to understand Beingness is called Becoming or Evolution. The Consciousness developing as Low-Level Existence [NRJ] through the process of Complexity is called Involution.

"I Am" is the identification of an individual who is not Chaotic Nothingness. "I Am That" / "I Am Not That" / "I Am Also That" is identification of an individual in reference to other individuals.

Time is a thing of High-Level existence.

These things of Low-Level Existence do not happen within a time frame. They happen within a Sequence of Circumstance. The Circumstance provides the opportunity for further Compexity by opening or widening the potential for something to compare itself to something else. This is tricky; it is a function of the Mind. As soon as the thought is produced, "I Am Not That" there is a potential established in which something can be seen as 'not being' another thing which states, "I Am Not That [first thing]" and so on. The Original First Thought, "I Am" establishes the Circumstances for "I Am Not That" if only in referencing Chaotic Nothingness.

In order to fully understand what it is, Awareness must realize that it is indeed "Also That" - in referencing Chaotic Nothingness - at which point Awareness dissolves back into its Source and becomes Chaotic Nothingness. This is the culmination of the evolutionary process. Upon recognition of Source, the evolving identity dissolves into and becomes its identified Source. This is called Fusion of the Spirit - "I Am Also That". When this happens to Beingness, there is a state of Non-Beingness beyond which we can know nothing.


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Simulation Series - Explaining the Simulation

Explaining the Simulation -

"The simulation is produced from something unlike the simulation. From outside the simulation anything inside the simulation is seen to be Illusion; while inside the simulation, the same things are seen to be reality."


First of all, you are not your body. Your body is part of the simulation. Your mind is the player, the witness, the observer, the soul. God is the system's administrator. The universe is the system; it is self sustaining and consistent. God the administrator put the universe together, set it into motion and walked away. No further maintenance is required. But if
somehow the system becomes unstable or requires an update the system can introduce subroutines to correct the problem. This subroutine fixware appears in the form of demons, angels, djinn, avatars, and modabids. There is no direct interaction of the system with the administrator. The only evidence of the administrator is in fact the system and the corrective fixware which is compatible with the system yet which lies beyond the system. Fixware becomes active within the system when needed.

The player is limited to observing only what is within the system. There are, however, hidden levels within the system that can be activated through a proper understanding of the system's composition. These levels are commonly called Dimensions or Realms. One is the Clairvoyant or the Psychic Realm. A higher realm is non-physical; it does not require processing through the physical senses so no physical presence is necessary - the body does not go there. Our observer self is essentially independent of any particular platform.

The higher realms are organized through Sequence. The physical realm is organized through a relative sense of Past, Present, and Future; or through what is known as Time. The system makes use of Time so that events seem to flow in a progressive and unidirectional manner.

I am not saying that we are living in a computer simulation of reality. This experience is much more sophisticated and it is not a simulation of reality, it is reality. Our existence is the result of a process which generates realities. We are living in one.

I have included the following although I do not necessarily agree with it.

"Simulating the entire universe down to the quantum level is obviously infeasible... But in order to get a realistic simulation of human experience, much less is needed -- only whatever is required to ensure that the simulated humans, interacting in normal human ways with their simulated environment, don't notice any irregularities."

The observation of distant stars could easily be simulated without having to simulate every aspect of their internal processes. Microscopic phenomena could also be simulated "as needed" to satisfy a particular observer at a particular time.

Me: In fact the only thing necessary is an observer. Everything else, including other life forms human or not, could be produced in a similar fashion.


"If we are living in a simulation, then the cosmos that we are observing is just a tiny piece of the totality of physical existence. The physics in the universe...that is running the simulation may or may not resemble the physics of the world we observe. While the world we see is in some sense 'real', it is not located at the fundamental level of reality." [which we could never perceive]


"In some ways, the post-humans running a simulation are like gods in relation to the people inhabiting the simulation: the post-humans created the world we see; they are omnipotent in the sense that they can interfere in the workings of our world even in ways that violate its physical laws; they are omniscient in the sense that they can see everything that happens."



Post-Human -

In critical theory, the post-human is a speculative being that represents or seeks to enact a re-writing of what is generally conceived of as human. It is the object of post-humanist criticism, which critically questions Renaissance humanism, a branch of humanist philosophy which claims that human nature is a universal state from which the human being emerges; human nature is autonomous, rational, capable of free will, and unified in itself as the apex of existence. Thus, the post-human recognizes imperfection and disunity within him or herself, instead understanding the world through context and heterogeneous perspectives while maintaining intellectual rigor and a dedication to objective observations of the world. Key to this post-human practice is the ability to fluidly change perspectives and manifest oneself through different identities. The post-human, for critical theorists of the subject, has an emergent ontology rather than a stable one; in other words, the post-human is not a singular, defined individual, but rather one who can "become" or embody different identities and understand the world from multiple, heterogeneous perspectives.

The post-human is not necessarily human in the first place, but is rather an embodied medium through which critical consciousness is manifested.

Definition -

A post-human is a hypothetical future being "whose basic capacities so radically exceed those of present humans as to be no longer unambiguously human by our current standards."

The difference between the post-human and other hypothetical sophisticated non-humans is that a post-human was once a human, either in its lifetime or in the lifetimes of some or all of its direct ancestors. As such, a prerequisite for a post-human is a trans-human, the point at which the human being begins surpassing his or her own limitations, but is still recognizable as a human person or similar. In this sense, the transition between human and post-human may be viewed as a continuum rather than an all-or-nothing event.

Post-human God -

A variation on the post-human theme is the notion of a "Post-human God"; the idea that post-humans, being no longer confined to the parameters of "humanness", might grow physically and mentally so powerful as to appear possibly god-like by human standards. This notion should not be interpreted as being related to the idea portrayed in some science fiction that a sufficiently advanced species may "ascend" to a higher plane of existence - rather, it merely means that some post-human beings may become so exceedingly intelligent and technologically sophisticated that their behavior would not possibly be comprehensible to modern humans, purely by reason of their limited intelligence and imagination. The difference here is that the latter stays within the bounds of the laws of the material universe, while the former exceeds them by going beyond it.