Thursday, October 8, 2009

Universal Beingness

The universe changes moment by moment. A moment is of very short duration and happens very quickly. The universe in existence now is not the universe that was in existence a moment ago. It has evolved or become something else.

Due to our cognitive time lag we are constantly a step behind the universal 'Now' or what I call Actual Now. This lag behind is the unavoidable consequence of Perception.

Our physical senses can only process information which already exists; so we become witnesses of the universal unfolding as a result.

So what is Actual Now?

Actual Now is Beingness. It is pre-cognitive and pre-perceptual. Actual Now is the state of Existence before it is filtered by our human senses, parsed by our human perception and interpreted by our human intellect.

We 'twist' the simultaneity of Existence into something our minds can understand, this twisting involves a time delay during which our intellect creates a framework of Past, Present and Future based on Memory, Perception and Imagination.

Perception needs to something to be perceived. It does not function in simultaneous environments. Perception requires Existence to be experienced in slices. Information is selectively chosen and linked together by the Perception, is processed, and then presented to the cognitive mind for intellectualizing.


It is similar to examining something with a microscope. The perspective provides a detailed view, emphasizing some aspects while filtering out others.

Simultaneity is filtered out; similarity is emphasized.

Similar events attract other similar events so that sequence is experienced as an ordered and consistent change.


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