Thursday, December 17, 2009

How's This for News...

Ascension -

1. The rise of the "Christ-Consciousness" to the point that the individual is beyond the powers of reincarnation.

2. After reincarnation the soul is released from the wheel of karma.

3. The word "resurrection" as found in the New Testament can be translated as "ascension".

Ascension is basically a change in focus of consciousness-awareness. Awareness is the key factor as it is the primal nature of the Source.

See 'Mind Ascension'

Mind Ascension - How Beings from Another Dimension are Helping Transform Material Bound Consciousness Through Information that is being Telepathically Communicated...

At this time a Mind Ascension has begun, and all minds extended from particular intentions that are either non-ascending or have concluded their karma are being retracted. The Ascension retracts the dream of the life, and the individual simply exists physically in one manner or another until the current dream ceases. The time of departure has begun and any available minds not necessary for holding open the Gate are preparing to leave the Realm of Substance.

Spirit is working to end this expression of the One. There are those among us who are Fifth-Dimensional beings operating on the Fifth Dimension while remaining physically in the fourth-dimensional reality of time and space. We see and think things that were not possible before.

You are being asked to cooperate in this exodus, you are not being forced.


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