Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Dreamer Dreaming

This is a misunderstanding. This is the Dreamer dreaming. Some of you have awakened inside the dream. This was not supposed to happen. You are not insane, and yes, there are inconsistencies within the dream. But having awakened, you are now engaged upon a search for Truth. The truth is, this never happened, never will happen, never has happened. It is a dream. The One is dreaming it is not One. The dream, the awakening, and the subsequent striving for Truth, are all taking place within the dream. They are Illusions. There is only the One engaged in a dream. The bliss of Enlightenment for instance; how can there be an experience of bliss unless there is a self to have the experience? The bliss is part of the dream. It is an Illusion of separation. It is the One dreaming.

The One now dreams it is a Seeker searching for Truth. It will soon discover that it is the One and that there are no others. There never has been, there never will be, there are no others now. The knowledge exists within the dream. It is there because the Dreamer has awakened inside the dream. Many do not awaken and have no idea that this is a dream. For them it is reality. There are no inconsistencies, no conflicts to resolve within their experience of Life. That is reserved for the Seeker.

In the end the Seeker will come to the conclusion that there is only the One. The One is not aware of us here within the dream unless it awakens within the dream to discover the mystery and confusion of multplicity. The Seeker is the One awakened within the dream and searching for itself. There can be no resolution within the dream, only knowledge that the dream is Illusory. Nevertheless, having awakened, there can be no sleep, and the Seeker must wander in search for answers to a question that is best not asked.

Do not pity those who have not awakened. They do not need to be awakened to the Truth. They are the Dreamer dreaming, just as we who have awakened are the Dreamer dreaming. There is only the One - whether we have awakened or not; and none of us exist outside the dream.

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