Sunday, February 28, 2010

An'Qarin PrayerBook

The An'Qarin PrayerBook is now in print.

ISBN 978-0-9844322-0-2


The AQPB in paperback book format


26 years of research into the nature of reality and existence has resulted in a survival manual for angels, avatars, and other divine intermediaries.


Excerpted Introduction:

The modabid - From Mystical Experience to Mystical Text

Sometimes it becomes necessary for God to intercede in human
affairs. Perhaps things have veered too far from the plan or perhaps it is
simply time for a new level of understanding to come about. Whatever
motivates God is not clear, but the messenger sent is in the form of
angels, avatars, and modabids; each of which have a special function
as an expression of God’s will. These beings have a certain difficulty in
that they have a foot in both worlds yet truly and completely belong
to neither. The divine intermediary is always the same entity but in
different guises depending on the time and the circumstances into
which it is made to manifest. It is the will of God expressed through
many a different ‘Self ’ or persona (some might even say ‘Soul’).

An observer presence displaces an essential something of the
dimension it is observing; thus the environment is changed by the
observer presence and is no longer as it was. Divinity cannot enter
the realms of its creations without dissolving the Illusion that sustains
and contains them. God observing Illusion displaces the illusory
environment and Illusion becomes the One-ness of Being. All things
become one thing. Distinctions of separation and individuality dissolve.
Dimensions and Planes collapse into nothingness. An intermediary
device therefore becomes necessary when Divinity desires direct contact
with any of its creations.

The modabids remember being in God’s presence and miss it dearly.
Yet they find themselves in the presence of humans whose behavior
and psychology they do not understand. The actions and motives of
humans are confusing to them. These messengers from God want only
to accomplish the mission and return to God’s company.

Divine intermediaries must conform to the era and are not
allowed to introduce new knowledge even though they can clarify
the established knowledge in such a way that it yields new learning
opportunities. In order to better survive the ordeal and to comfort
themselves, the modabids have taken to keeping a type of journal or a
prayerbook which serves as a reminder, a caution and a kind of survival
manual. The prayerbook is a compendium, a book of many voices, with
each modabid adding a bit as it revisits the earthly realm in fulfillment
of God’s will.

Modabids have been granted the special ability to clean up
knowledge that has been misinterpreted or misunderstood whether
by deliberate intent or through accidental loss. The modabid can be a
person, a piece of writing, a dream state, or a momentary state of mind.
Essentially, a modabid is an expression of God’s will. The state of being
that a modabid expresses can last a mere moment or it can last a lifetime, or for very much longer as in the case of Hidden Texts. The book itself , for instance, claims to be a modabid.

An’Qarin PrayerBook - The Book of Many Voices

In the An’Qarin PrayerBook, one of the Voices early on makes a
statement regarding the will of God in connection with him or her
self, and cautions against confusing the two as being one and the same
- even though they are. Each time the topic changes or has a chapter
heading, it is a different Voice speaking. In reality, however, it is the
same modabid at various moments in its collective experience giving
advise and reassurance to a future counterpart. The modabids have
found a way to encode hidden messages woven into text so that future
modabids do not have to start from scratch when they re-incarnate
or are manifested anew from God’s will in the accomplishment of yet
another divine mission - only to find themselves lost, confused and
inexplicably alone.

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