Sunday, January 16, 2011

Realm Dynamics and Simulated Awareness

The idea that we are living in a simulation, a false world, that there is another reality which transcends or precedes the current one has been expressed throughout human history. This concept has taken the form of religion, mysticism, spiritual revelation and has come through entities both within the simulation and outside the simulation (through channeling, telepathy, dream communications and such).

The idea of a false reality is not particularly disturbing nor are there many precautions against it. The danger seems to be in the nature of the simulation itself - in its ability to catch one up in its eternal drama and not let go. Entities both within and beyond the simulation warn of this.

Simulated Entities -
Some actors are produced by the simulation and remain forever a part of it. These simulated entities have no awareness beyond the simulation. Theirs is a simulated consciousness produced by a simulated awareness. They do not sense the possibility of a greater awareness which lies beyond the simulated one and believe the simulated environment to be 'all there is'.

Transcendent Awareness, or that form of awareness which has its basis beyond the simulation, is not the sole domain of humans. Any player or entity within the simulation may have transcendent awareness as its source awareness while still remaining active within the simulation. This includes inanimate as well as animate objects. It should be noted that not all players are conscious or possesses consciousness and that consciousness is not limited to entities classified as living.
(See 'conscious, consciousness')

The Hierarchy -Awareness - Consciousness - Mind - Thought

Transcendent Awareness doesn't change, it doesn't come and go. Existence coats transcendent awareness like a layer of painted dust then blows away or dissolves when life and/or existence ends. If the conscious entity mistakenly identifies the simulation as its source awareness, the consciousness and its connection to transcendent awareness will dissolve when the simulated environment reaches its inevitable conclusion. The entity's identification as a transcendent being will end when the simulated environment ends, and its node of awareness will disappear. The chance to correct this can only be done from a conscious perspective and while all things in existence are aware, not all things are conscious. Therein lies the danger. The disconnected node will exist for all of Eternity but will end when the simulation ends. Eternity means 'for as long as there is Time'. Eternity is a product of the simulation as is Time; time being the forward progression of Past, Present, and Future.

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  1. Realm Dynamics can also be described as the knowledge of how to operate in all spaces of perception or "The Realm". It is a real thing and we are in action