Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Acts of God

"People comfort themselves with the idea of God
because the reality of God is terrifying."

God-Consciousness, or Enlightenment, is attained after years of diligent pursuit, usually when a person has reached mature adulthood.

It involves a slow process of destroying the Ego and undoing a lifetime of social programming, religious dogma, and philosophic misconceptions.

What if there were people, a new wave in the human population, that were born Enlightened? Not ascended masters or incarnated avatars, but ordinary people untainted by socially normal behavior? People who thought differently right from the beginning.

This is going to sound controversial, but....

"The autistic spectrum is the human mind reacting to an alien environment."


Autistic Evolution -

NeuroTypical - the humans currently setting the social norm.

NeuroSeeded - the humans who have internalized a Divine message and who have, for the most part, withdrawn from social interaction.

NeuroAdepts - the humans who have externalized a Divine message and who are seeking a method of its social integration.


* NeuroAdept - Expresses a Divine Message in the present lifetime.
The gaze is external.

* NeuroSeeded - Expresses a Divine Message in a future lifetime.
The gaze is internal.


Method : How Autistic Evolution Happens

NeruoDiversity -

You have two kids lying in the crib, side by side. They both get the same message.

In one of them, the message takes, it makes complete sense relative to the present environment. The mind integrates the provided information and adjusts its development accordingly.

In the other, the message doesn't take, the provided information makes no sense at all relative to the present environment and it drives the mind crazy. The mind, in self defense, retreats.

Information is sent out to the infants as they are just born. It is a Divine Message which describes the nature of Existence.

The target is the latent Ego lying dormant within the infant's mind. The message is an image of Existence which places the Ego in a subordinate position.

Some infants adjust and develop a NeuroAdept profile; the Ego accepts the surrounding social environment and seeks to integrate itself.

Some infants adjust differently and develop a NeuoSeeded profile; the Ego rejects the surrounding social environment and seeks to insulate itself.

Some infants are not offered the information at all and continue to develop a NeuroTypical profile; the Ego remains unaffected.

The choice as to who is offered the information is completely arbitrary, it is a cosmic roll of the dice and should not be viewed as an indication of reward or punishment. It falls under the heading of Fate.


Why did it become necessary?

It became necessary to establish communication from within the human mind instead of from without; information filtered through the intellect and perception is not trusted. Knowledge is direct instead of inferred.

NeuroTypicals have a tendency to add information, to 'read between the lines' or 'fill in the gaps'. This ability to read between the lines marks many of their decisions. Any raw truth is immediately subjected to interpretation. Divine messages are distorted, its original intent is lost or diluted.

That is why NeuroTypicals rely so much on symbolism and social gestures. More attention is paid to the accompanying symbols and gestures than is paid to the verbal communication.

NeuroTypicals think alike. They have the same strategy of survival, cognition is similar across minds. In any basic survival situation, a NeuroTypical will pretty much react the same as other NeuroTypicals.

The NeuroTypical mind decodes information into what it knows and is familiar with; it attempts to preserve the established pattern.

This makes NeuroTypicals generally predictable - if you know how to read them - because the blueprint is in their minds.

The NeuroDiverse do not have these social blueprints. Their behavior and manner of thought is generally unpredictable.

Unpredictable means spontaneous.

Tips for the NeuroDiverse -

NeuroTypicals do not tell the truth, either in their actions or their words. They all know this. It is a matter of survival because everything is seen as a threat to their well-being.

Statements are credible to the degree the individual making them is willing to expend the energy necessary for supporting verbal, bodily and emotional gestures. This emphasis on gesture display is sometimes called 'drama'.

NeuroTypicals are basically insecure. They feel uncertain about their place in the world. They always think someone is going to take their food.

Morals are set on the basis of what is good [for me] and what is bad [for me]. The process is automatic.

God, the ultimate good, is always viewed as being on 'my' side.


Who or what is providing the Divine Message?

That is a mystery.

The message may be a condition of Existence and is just now coming to realization, but from within the human mind instead of from external sources filtered through the intellect and perception - direct knowledge instead of inferred knowledge.

What is it?

The message is one of universal oneness and unity. It explains how all things are one thing without separation; the substance underlying reality is simultaneous and lacking in differentiation.


Me -

One thing I remember in particular was the idea of hard and soft at the same time. This came in the form of floating pillows, upon one of which was me. The pillows were accompanied by a great many whispering voices all saying different things;and darkness with visibility - there was no light and no light source, but I could see in a way, nevertheless. Perhaps things contained their own illumination - an internal light.

There was the hard-and-soft pillows, the visible-darkness, the whispering many-voices and me.


The NeuroDiverse Perspective -

The Ego at its infancy stage of development is offered a choice:

A Fifth Dimension perspective of Simultaneity or a Fourth Dimension perspective of Individuality through Separation.

A Fifth Dimensional perspective of Simultaneity can incorporate a Fourth Dimensional perspective of Individuality through Separation; the reverse, however, is not often true.

The NeuroDiverse Mind can go where the NeuroTypical Mind cannot go.

To the NeuroDiverse, the NeuroTypicals seem to be the
ones insane.


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