Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fate & Destiny


"You can choose your Destiny but you have to work within the Fate you are given.
Fate is a coincidence waiting to happen."


The universe comes into being whole and complete from beginning to end.

It comes into being, but not necessarily into Existence.

That may sound a little confusing, but think about it: Will the universe we experience today be the universe we experience tomorrow? Will everything remain exactly the same, or will things have changed?

Consider a piece of blank paper. The paper is Beingness. If we examine the paper closely we can see it is covered with lightly drawn lines. The lightly drawn lines are Existence. The pattern of the lightly drawn lines is Fate. The pattern is set and cannot be changed; it is an inseparable part of Existence.

The lightly drawn lines, however, can be darkened in. Even though they must follow a set course, the path these potentially dark lines take has not yet been determined. The soon to be darkened lines overlying Fate represent Destiny.

Destiny is a choice of which lines will be darkened in, which paths will be taken and which events will be made to happen as a personal reality.

Destiny is free will to the extent it does not conflict with Fate.

Lines of Fate sometimes connect, so that no matter which Destiny you choose, it leads to the same Fate. I call these instances of multiple connections 'Node Points'.

Node Points hold the web of Existence together. Node Points are common instances of reality that extend across dimensions.

Events at Node Points take on the particular flavor of the environment in which they are experienced.

Node Points 'cut across' dimensions. Where one intersects the material realm, the associated events manifest physically. Where one intersects the Spirit realm, the associated events manifest energetically. In the Psychic realm, associated events manifest clairvoyantly.

The same event occurs across multiple dimensions but the actual experience of the event is greatly influenced by the particular realm upon which it is encountered.


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