Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Intelligent Perceptions

In this blog I promote two ideas:

Creator God
The idea that Existence is the work of an intelligent presence.

Creator Mind
The idea that Existence is the interpretation of a raw undifferentiated substance.


Both ideas can be expressed by picturing a spectrum.

At one end of the spectrum place the reality we experience directly through perception.

At the opposite end place a state of beingness about which we can be aware of and about which we can speculate, but about which we can actually know nothing.

In the gradient between, place Existence.

In the Void just before the beginning of Existence, place the Creator Mind. In the occupied space just after the beginning of Existence, place the Creator God.

The image of God is formed through the Mind's recognition of Existence as being an ordered, consistent and self-sustaining reality.


God has no Physical Existence -

If God exists, then Existence has to come before God. If God comes before Existence, then God cannot be said to exist. The same statement is valid if you want to say that God goes beyond considerations of time and space, since time and space are conditions of existence.

God exists as a concept -

The Mind experiences a consistent self-sustaining system and evokes the intelligent presence of a Creator God.

God is a product of the Mind.


First Cause -

An adequate description of Existence requires a different way of thinking. The human mind is designed to look for a cause to explain any effect. It assumes there must be a First Cause that explains the existence of everything. The problem is that the question can always be asked, "But what caused the First Cause?"

And to that there is no answer. The mind must accept that it is possible for an event to occur spontaneously, without any cause.

This is how Beingness appeared out of a Chaotic state of Nothingness as the first instance of Awareness. It appeared
spontaneously, without any cause.


Given the infinite potential

for Something to appear out of Nothing,

Something did.


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