Saturday, September 5, 2009

Live Scribe Writing Technology

My Latest Toy!

Live Scribe is an ink pen and audio recorder. It records everything you write, scribble and draw along with audio. You can play it back from anywhere, search what you wrote and share your recordings and notes with others. You can turn your notes into digital text and edit them on the computer. That's right - it’s a computerized pen that gives handwritten notes audio support!

Live Scribe Pulse Smart Pen

The 2GB pen is $199, 1GB is $149. Ink refills cost $5.95 for a multipak.

Try to get it on sale and save some bucks. I got mine at Target.

The Smart Pen requires a special "dot paper" and the papers come in a variety of styles and sizes from journals to flip pads; inside they look like regular lined or blank pages with the added menu at the bottom of each page. Tap the menu with the pen and you get available options. In a pinch you can even draw your own menu and use that one.

Livescribe Dot Paper -

The Smart Pen requires Livescribe™ dot paper. This paper is standard paper with printed microdots on its surface. The dots are nearly invisible to the human eye, but the Smart Pen can easily see them through the ink you write on your pages and uses them to know the particular page you are writing and the exact location on that page.

Smart Pens are really cool.

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