Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Nature of Existence

A non-religious non-scientific look at how things got here...

* Time is an envelope in which Change takes place - when Mind forms an association to Sequence, you get an envelope of Time.

* Time is Change perceived.

* An Event is an incident of Change. It requires an observer and Sequence. Change is produced as successive stages of Becoming are perceived by the Mind.

* Mind is the Consciousness as a Dynamic Entity. The entity's dynamic aspect is the interplay of Difference. The interplay of Difference forms Existence.


The Purpose of Existence :

The Mind's Intention is to reconcile the appearance of Difference - to heal the rift between Awareness and the Chaos of Nothingness.

The Result
Various ways Mind projects the Intention :

Etheric - the Mind's association to Matter.

Spirit - the Mind's association to Energy.

Change - the Mind's association to Sequence.

Time - the Mind's association to Change.

Difference - the Mind's association to Awareness.


Consciousness, as it applies to Mind, is the recognition of Difference.

The Consciousness itself, IS the Difference.


Awareness in the Human Mind is the ability to discern Presence.

Consciousness in the Human Mind is the ability to discern Difference.

Perception in the Human Mind is the ability to discern separate elements of Existence.

Intellect in the Human Mind interprets separate elements of Existence.
Intellect, however, does not address the accuracy of its interpretation.

Intelligence in the Human Mind is measured in accordance with its ability to successfully employ the Intellect but not necessarily with its ability to employ Truth.

Truth is a function of the gnostic mind which gathers the direct knowledge contained within Etheric envelopes of Life and Spirit envelopes of energy.

[The above applies to the Human Mind only. Information regarding the microbial, plant and animal perspective is not available.]


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