Thursday, September 10, 2009

Intelligent Perceptions - Part 2

Although it can be said, God has a physical presence through the created form, God has no physical existence.

God is a product of the Mind.

The created form is the physical universe, the observable universe, the universe as we know it.

The created universe came into being whole and complete from beginning to end.


The created universe is a self-sustaining system, and as such, it needs no maintenance. It is whole and complete.

The created universe has a beginning and an end indicated by its involvement with time. Time is made of change - something begins, has duration and ends.

God stands apart from the created form. God's participation is not necessary for Existence to continue. God's participation was only necessary for Existence to begin; thereafter, existence was and is self-sustaining.

Existence is a thought held in God's Mind. Our experience is not that of God, it is of the thought which is held by God.

We cannot know God, but we can know the Thought. In knowing the Thought, we are denied direct knowledge of God. Our human mind, through perception, is directed elsewhere.


We are witnesses to the Thought of Existence within the Mind of God as it becomes whole and complete from beginning to end.

We bear witness to the Thought unfolding in God's Mind through the filter of perception. The unfolding is a Becoming.

The Mind of God is a passive environment; within that passive environment is an unfolding, a dynamic thought of Existence. The dynamic Thought of Existence creates a dynamic relationship. The dynamic relationship is an ongoing dialogue between the observer and the observed.

The Mind is the observer. Anything not identified as being the observer is identified by the mind as being the observed.


The thought associated with the observer is, "I Am That."

The thought associated with the observed is, "I Am Not That."

The observed and the observer taken together represent Existence. The associated thought is, "I Am Also That."


The concept of God is the human mind beginning to realize that everything is part of a consistent self-sustaining system - that all things are essentially one thing.

This realization of central unity is sometimes called God-Consciousness.


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